Sunday, January 10, 2010

Oh , that gave me an instant headache......

Out of 40 or 50 condos, whose do you suppose was the ONE where the pipes froze and burst?

That's right , that would be OURS.

I got an email today from my friend Floozie2 that said "call me today!"
(she is also my next door neighbor,back home)

I just knew in my gut she was going to tell me something bad, I was afraid to call her. It could have been something worse than burst pipes ,so there IS that.

When I got her on the phone she said " here, I better let Lake Farmer (her hubby) tell you "
(my stomach sinks to ground level)

Apparently the kids living above us, saw water running out of our garage but didn't bother to tell anyone, even though they KNOW that we are in England.

Another neighbor saw the same and told Floozie2 .
Her and her husband had to go over to our house ,move our truck, inspect the attic ,repack soggy boxes ,call the plumber and freeze their asses off while dealing with our crisis.


Apparently ,even though our water was turned off at the water main, the pipes for the outside faucets (ours and the upstairs unit) runs though our garage and attic. Well the upstairs neighbors water pipe froze and burst ,flooding through our attic and running out the garage.

My friends took care of the immediate risk to our house and I guess whatever damage there is .will now wait until Spring to be fixed.

Well, isn't that special?


This is NOT the post I had planned for today ......but oh well.

Guess i'm ahead of the game for tomorrow.

Happy Sunday Peeps!


lisa said...

I live close by in Springfield and it is insanely cold. was actually -1 last night. Good luck with the pipes. Hopefully they can get someone in there to clean it up.

Vicki said...

well thank god for floozie and lake farmer they rock....sorry bout your pipes tho..have a great day..

Golden To Silver Val said...

omg....what a mess! Has it actually done anything to your HOUSE or is it just confined to the garage attic area? I hope its just the garage and attic over it. I'm sooooo sorry this happened to you....but thank God for good neighbors!

Anonymous said...

We were happy to help you out. G5 even got his Wamm cloth out and sucked up water in your attic. Nosey gave me one and you could soak up the whole ocean with it. The men moved your stuff in the attic ever so was so cute. Lake Farmer got your truck started we can move it out when the plumber comes to fix everything.
Wish you were here.

Wesley said...

You have the best neighbors ever.

Anonymous said...

Oh, my !! ..... the 'curse' continues...dum-da-da-dum....... aj

Anonymous said...

Smocha - Actually, the pipe that burst was the supply pipe to the stupid outside faucet. The pipe comes from inside the house, thru the garage attic and down inside the garage wall to the outside faucet. Your bldg and D were the only bldgs built here with outside faucets, so yeah, you were the lucky one (or the cursed!) After the plumber fixed the pipe we turned the water back on and voila! there is also a leak in the wall of your garage - same pipe. Damage upstairs was minimal to none - bottoms of a couple boxes got wet and my ShamWow was useful in sopping up the 1/4 inch of water in the attic. Some slight water damage to the ceiling of your garage. Lucky you. G5

Anonymous said...

Smocha - When you get back here you can thank the cat mama (for whom we babysit her cat) for alerting Lake Farmer to the water coming out under your garage door. By the time the plumber guy got done fixin, that water was a sheet of ice on your driveway. It was about 20 degrees during that episode. G5

Anonymous said...

Remind someone to put a cover on the outside faucet. You can buy them at walmart. Great, cheap also! Beats fixing your trouble. aj