Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Vignettes of a crazy woman....

Yesterday, on my way to the grocery store I was about to freeze to death so I ducked into this home decor type store to warm up.They had their candles on clearance so I bought some tea lights.

A few hours later ,with my new candles burning, I'm sitting on the couch reading a book called "Love my rifle more than you" and watching TV.

All of a sudden .....I smell fire. My candles and the plastic tea lite holders have burst into a little raging fire , right there on my coffee table!

OMG! If I had been upstairs or something ,the cheap glass holders would have shattered and the whole house could have burned down.

I managed to get the fire out before that happened but man, the smell was bringing back the horror of The Very Bad Curse Day.

(If you haven't read that, it's the day my truck burned to a crisp in about 5 minutes)
Go ahead, I'll wait.

Fire is SO scary.


Picture it ,my spouse and I are driving down the road on our way to the grocery store (the absolute highlight of our weekend) I am going out of my mind with boredom .

Me "Ooh! I know, I could put makeup on you."

Him :glances at me like I have 3 heads "what?"

Me "When we were kids ,my sister used to lay her head in my lap and I'd put makeup on her, just for something to do."

Him "I'm not your sister."

Well, No and you ain't no girlfriend either, ya pooper.


Roller coasters scare the crap out of me .....but if I could get where I needed to be like this (without freezing) ,I may try to get over that particular phobia.


Today I had to go get blood drawn ,just for my thyroid check. UGH! I called and tried to change my appointment to Friday ." Sorry, we're fully booked"

I wake up and see the frost all over everything. Oh how I miss my truck.

I had to walk to the bus stop, wait for the bus, rush though town to find the clinic,then I went to the library , rushed my ass back to the bus stop and walked home.

It started raining while I was on the bus home.The wind started blowing too.

I am a "tropical" girl. This kind of experience makes me say many bad words.I can NOT like it.

I'm a cold ,depressed beeotch.


vicki said...

Hot damn I am first.....ILm sorry .you need to start a friend of the friendless(I love Lucy) much does it cost to take a taxi...I would look into that..

Anonymous said...

Boy! I bet that did scare you! What if you were in the shower and got trapped! Speaking of walking in the cold rain, I hope you at least had your umbrella ! I feel for you ---- I, too, don't like the cold. They're predicting sleet and ice tomorrow night and Friday. In case it comes early, I went to walmart today for staples. Is there a good library there? aj

A Brit in Tennessee said...

And I thought my week was a pig's ear.
Keep calm and carry on !

logancornyjoe said...

speaking of your lovely toyota truck... i would check but im rather positive that your truck is being recalled fore a sticky accelorator.???check it out mange

Anonymous said...

Maybe the purchaser is supposed to take the candles out of the little plastic holders before lighting them? Jes sayin'. "Dear Hub - No need to rush home, I just burned the house down. Luv, Me" Sposed to have freezing rain, sleet and snow here. Ughh!! Hope not. Toyota did recall about 800,000 vehicles and today announced they aren't selling any more until they fix the sticky accelerator pedal, but I didn't see any trucks listed. Maybe you need to buy a car there. G5

Jamie said...

Holy crap could have burned to the ground. Fire is not a good thing, as I know you know. I remember when your truck burned, that was the weirdest and most dangerous thing, ever.

Why don't you buy a car? I know you have what it takes to learn to drive there. Goodness, anything would be better than walking all over the way you do, in all that weather, plus it would allow you to get out and see some things.

Happy Thursday, friend. :)

BREZZ said...

yeh what he said--- you are supposed to remove the stupid plastic-- not to mention-- flammable -- candle holder in which the candle is purchased in.
you do know that is merely to help keep its form in case it gets too warm in shiping?
well, you do now-- right??

you never have been fire safe. have you-- remember when you almost killled my cat-- not to mention your own self and child-- whilst cooking french fries?
LOL--- i do. i didn't believe you until the fireman grabbed me to not let me run into the burning apartment for my kitty :))

i love you-- even though you are a knucklehead-
glad you're safe-
no more candles for you dear.

Anonymous said...

Yes, your truck was recalled. I figured you'd know. Do you get your mail or is someone saving it? aj

Golden To Silver Val said...

holy blazes, batgirl...that put about 14 gray hairs in place. Thank God you were right there. Did it damage anything? (other than your heart and your central nervous system)....deep breaths, deep breaths....ohhmmmmmmm

Anonymous said...

Thats good that you were downstairs. Dont want no phone calls from Bren. Wish I could be there with you. I love europe. But I remember being by myself at times. Yuk, Dont forget, You can call me! 661-547-5966

gayle said...

You were very lucky with that fire!! Did you go back to the store or call them!! I would have wanted my money back. Love the roller coaster ride!!

Anonymous said...

noon but temp is just 26 degrees. Yesterday we got ice, hence no power for 4 hours! snow early am. I do NOT like this weather! night teens! aj

BREZZ said...

BOTH of our vehicles are under the same recall-
it's the curse :))

Stefania said...

It's Stefi (Rays girl), I finally got my own email account, yay. Rule #1-don't buy crappy candles Rule #2-don't buy crappy candles.:)