Sunday, June 1, 2008

Everyone's lookin' for a blue sky

Hi Peeps,

Climb aboard and take a ride with me.

If you have a few million bucks laying around , one of those houses could be yours!

This is the drive from my house to the cove. It was hard to film and drive at the same time. So ..hope ya don't get seasick.

Happy Sunday Y'all,

luv me


simonsays said...

Great post Smocha! I would give anything to be a boater again, and being able to "be" one through you was wonderful!

I just happen to have a buck or two lying around, which house shall I choose?


Have a happy day!


Mary said...

Three minutes of heaven. I love the free feeling of an open waterway, the boat motor, and the wind and sun. You are so lucky to have those things. Thanks for sharing them with us.

SOUL: said...

i couldn't watch it all-- but your boat sure is a smoother ride than ours...

did i ever tell you about the time stace was drivin like a crazy man and THREW me onto the back deck of our boat on rough water? sounds funny-- and i guess NOW it is-- but if ya think about it-- if i woulda landed in the water-- i coulda been mincemeat under the motor ! OWCH!

i don't spose your spouse would allow fish on it tho?? lol


SOUL: said...

ps-- do you film off a video cam..or a reg camera?

myomyohi said...

Beautiful sky, and the water looks very inviting.

myomyohi said...

BTW Bro shaved his face last night. I see a little of spouse & sis in him now, but not a lot. Gonna take some getting used to.

Smocha said...

mornin' y'all,

I stayed up too late and slept in wayyy too late.:0
cavuto had my water spilled everywhere. ack!

Jamie, that house with the little Island and bridge...was for sale last year for 2 and a half million. must be nice to be frekin rich:)

Mary, Thanks. I know I AM lucky :)
I try to remember that .We have a pool too, but I don't dare go show my flab out there. lol
I'll take the privacy of the lake any day.

Soul, Your boat WAS so rough I think it made me pee my pants a little. LOL
Our old boat was much rougher than this one. i forgot why that is. damn senility:)
On our old one had to pin down yer boobs or wind up with 2 black eyes.

My spouse would allow fish on long as it was done HIS way. LOL (neat as a pin)

The video was on my regular camera. I do not HAVE a video camera. it films for one minute then you have to start a new film.

Myoh, Laugh at him for me and send me a picture!

Luv me

myomyohi said...

Pic sent. Let me know what you think. Who do you think he looks like now?

SOUL: said...

hahaha thats about how ours is.. it bruises my butt that's for sure.. :))

desert dirt diva said...

dang that was pretty good.....