Saturday, May 31, 2008

Welcome to my world

Ok....ONE of the videos plays......can't get rid of the duds..... sorry:)

here's my day ......don't be jealous.:) Love me


Tomatoes growing like crazy

the biggest , scariest ,most hideous moth EVER!

that thing is bigger than a bird!

A beautiful day in the neighborhood:)

old fogey cove

some kids bass fishing

floozie2 and lakefarmer

cats on the counter :)

"what the hell is she doing?"

you bad boy!

lowering his head in shame. NOT!

giant baby

the only way he can be held or picked up


"I'll kick yer ass!cuz I am mean!"


desert dirt diva said...

Can't beleive you actually have green plants on your patio... i'm so very proud of your new talents....and as always the babies are awsome...

SOUL: said...

that's cute...

remember when we took pics of patrick in the mirror like that?

i think wawoo means ---well, ummm... maybe i shouldn't put it here.. cuz it's not nice. :))

or maybe it means-- "take me on the boat" ?

oh.. that moth looks COOL.. specially when he's open.

when he's closed he looks like a big ole leaf.


whatcha doin today?

me? apparently nuthin at this rate-- i need to get food in this place and a few other things, but i can't get UP. ugh.
i'm caught in a hanger!

Mary said...

Neat video and pictures. Is the last picture Monkey? Those are unusual eyes - I like them. Your baby looks as if he's trying to suck his thumb but his nail gets in the way. Once again, I have to say your kitties are beautiful.

I guess you showed folks that you can grow plants. They are really looking good.

Smocha said...

I know..I am in shock that those plants are even alive!

Soul, Floozie2 thinks wawoo means "love you" lol

That moth was hideous! look at the full size picture. it had horrible giant trantula legs! Yikes!

What did I do? I went out on the boat for like 5 hours:)

Mary, Thanks!

Yep ,that's Monkey,our little mean girl. Her name is actually Mocha. We've called her Monkey for so long I don't know if she even remembers her real name.

my baby is a neurotic nail chewer. lol
I have never seen a cat do that before. he does it all the time.

I hope my plants actually get some vegetables on them. it sure is taking forever.

Have a great Sunday y'all!

Design PR said...

That photo in the mirror is pretty cool!!

Brad said...

I think I'd lose whats left of my sainty if I didn't have a kitty - your are darling.

Smocha said...

Thanks Brad. They are also spoiled stinkin' rotten:)
how many cats do you have?