Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Crazy cat lady..on the public.

Hi peeps,

Another thrilling day here in Paradise.

I cleaned my pig sty until about noon. Then I went and ate lunch at my favorite Mexican restaurant.

Came home and loaded O'Reilly and Cavuto up in the cat stroller.
This was the FIRST time out , in the stroller.
We walked the entire boardwalk. They were happy as "dumb cat's smelling fresh air".

Their harnesses came a couple days ago.
Remember , THIS is what I was waiting for ...because it would be so "safe and secure".

Oh ...silly "boy mom" ha ha .NOT!

So, We stroll the boardwalk....then I take them out of the stroller and put them on the boat. They have their new harness and leash on.
Cavuto is whining like a baby.(because of the harness)

The boat is up on the lift...I hadn't thought to see if "I" could get on there or not.

My friend Nosey comes by and comes over to talk . Then she leaves to go to her house to get some bread for the ducks. (we have a mama duck out there, with 9 babies)

About 30 seconds after she leaves , O'Reilly backs himself right OUT of his harness. ACK!!

I have to go into crazy "mama" mode....I hook Cavuto's leash on the boats "sink faucet" and manage to haul my ass up there (onto the boat) to capture the "loose" O'reilly.

If anyone would have fallen in the water ...I would NOT have been too happy.
Right now the water is COLD and DIRTY!

O'Reilly managed to "back out "of his harness 3 more times. Other than that ...the training episode was a success.

My spouse actually said "Cavuto didn't get out of HIS harness because he's too dumb."

Maybe he's just too smart. LOL or , too much of a baby. Who knows.
Anyhow , they loved it ,once they settled down. Todays lesson was "just to get used to the harness"

Cavuto managed to find a "daddy long leg " and torture it to death ...and eventually eat it.

I looked insane ....pushing my huge cat stroller.....but all was good .

I'm really so far gone...I don't even care if I look insane.:)

Daddy long leg..under foot:)

Daddy long leg ..IN mouth:)

BAD boy...trying to back out of harness.

Good boy...relaxing IN harness...finally!

I have MORE pics ..but blogger is not cooperating. I 'm sure that's killing

Good night y'all

luv me


desert dirt diva said...

I have updated and your still up at this late hour wth......go check out my bnlog.. i got the periwinke(blue) shoes too, which bye the way are a half size bigger than my normal shoe size and do fit better.. oh well one i can wear with socks and the other without.. now i will go read your blog.. maybe should of done that first....

desert dirt diva said...

they are so cute... sounds like a re-run of where's the pics of you walking them?????i am dying to see this....anyways to cute ......

SOUL: said...

i can only laugh like like a mental patient at the fact that you push CATS in a stroller-- (and just so ya know-- soulman said that if he EVER sees or hears of your spouse pushing that thing--he's pulling his man card for LIFE!) LOLOL

as for the cats getting out of their harness... make sure you have them on right.. when we went to our time share and sushi got out of hers--- when i went to walk her the next time-- hubby noticed that i was putting it on wrong, and quickly corrected my stupidity! :))
they shouldn't be able to escape-- that is why they make them. sushi hasn't escaped since i learned the proper way for her to wear it. duh.

anyhow-- i DO love your kitties. (kiddies :))

happy humpday

any plans today?

here is bad storm day in the works.. so i will prolly clean my sty.. i did manage to pay my ever so late bills yesterday-- and catch up with blog peeps.

it was a start.

Mary said...

I'm enjoying "watching" you train your kitties. They seem to cooperate for the most part. I love the idea of a stroller. Please keep sharing.

Conehead's Crapfest said...

maybe you should decorate the harness...beads would look nice..or their names in crystals would be cool...i would do it up for ya...

desert dirt diva said...

update, this make two days in a row that i'm on top of things...and have even comented... update....

Anonymous said...

Just waitin for the time you are pushin the stroller down the boardwalk and some peeps think it is real baby twins and they look in and aacckkkkk!!! Animals! LOL. Maybe I will borrow it sometime, put a couple of snakes in it and take it to Kroger's and carry a baby bottle. I agree that a cat should not be able to get out of that harness. Pretty clever. If he persists you will have to change his name to Houdini. G5

Smocha said...

Happy crack of dawn my peeps!

Oh ..." are NOT my bee-otch!!!"

Poodles..I can NOT believe that you are such a "rich bitch" that you got 2 pairs of the shoes!!!I could barely stomach buying my ONE pair!!!

Clink'''''Here's to being a "rich bitch" you go girl. LOL

I'd be laughing like a mental patient too....if I didn't feel like such a mental patient. LOL

I am fairly sure that my husband would be too embarrassed to ever push that stroller. But ...I can't be certain...Some day ,he may actually stoop that LOW. LOL
Old age IS kind of freeing.

And ...I kind of love a man who will kiss a cat.:)

We LOVE our babies.And I love My husband.Go a'head...pull his man

I think you're right...I didn't have the harness's ON right.

Conehead, Yeah...maybe "I" should decorate the harness's. ha ha ..
That would be AWESOME> Feel free to decorate away!!!

Thanks Mary ...for enjoying my little knuckleheads:)

Someday I'll have a grand baby, like YOU :)And I'll be (hopefully) less of a crazy cat lady.

G5, The Boatrights DID see me and think I had some twins. lol
The cats were not too thrilled to see (and hear) the cute puppies.
I think I should just read the instructions ..on HOW to properly put the harness on.

Damn sucks to be blind!