Sunday, June 15, 2008

Yurty baby part 2 (and Saturdays update)

Happy Fathers day peeps!

Here is the "blog" part of our yurt adventure.

W e arrive about 1 . Check in time is not until 4 ,but the previous people have already left so we're allowed to check in. They give us an electric lantern and advise us to charge it.

We have no idea what to expect . So off we go...through the campground, past the bathhouse, past 3 bathrooms, past the other 2 yurts...way at the end of this little peninsula we finally arrive at our yurt. Isolated it IS!

The yurt has screens with roll down and zip up covers on them. We unlock the door and whoa! stifling heat hits us in the face. The thing is all zipped up . First thing we do is go roll up all the screen covers and use this long pole thing to open up the dome in the middle of the roof.
It only opens a few inches ,for air...but not enough that rain could get in.

Right by the front door , there is a stack of papers hanging there with pictures of ....yep, you guessed it ...all the poisonous snakes in the area. ack!

The place has 3 sets of bunkbeds. A fan , a table , some metal chairs ,a lamp and ONE outlet. We choose our beds and put sheets on them. One of them has several "mouse droppings " on it.

"If you feel anything soft and furry during the night , it is NOT one of the cats"

The screen right next to my bed has a nice big slit in it. You know , big enough for a snake, a giant bug, a raccoon or a murderers arm to fit right thru it.

We get unloaded and get two fans going . Then off we go to our beach area. It's pretty rocky and there are weeds in the water. Not a bunch of them , just enough to make us scream when they touch us ...because we are sure that it's a snake.

We have privacy galore! No shorts or cover-ups needed here. we are flat out strutting our fat stuff in bathing suits and water shoes.
Believe me ...we are looking sexay! LOL

Things we brought .

Things we needed and did not bring.
Floating cooler
Blanket or something for beach.
(we had to sit on our rafts with ants and rocks)
Lounge chairs
(they were on the list but we didn't bring them.should have)
Portable toilet!

We stayed down at the beach and in the water until dinner time. We were having a blast .

Then we went back up to the yurt to make dinner. Luckily Poodles knew how to start a charcoal grill , cuz i certainly did not.I did offer to bring her a steak but she said "no"
So we did have hamburgers and hot dogs and they were fabulous!

We had brought marshmallows to roast but we were too stuffed to bother .

After dinner we drug one of the mattresses out on the deck (they were lightweight, green plastic covered mattress's like they have in hospitals) we layed on the mattress happy houred and read our books.
It was nice and breezy , so the temp was fine OUTSIDE :)

We took pictures of birds, enjoyed the sunset and our books. We stayed out there until it was nearly dark.

By the time we got inside , and got our stuff all situated it was Dark (insert scary music)lol
We had a choice of using the "one outlet" for light or fans. We had to go with fans here.
So I had my little book light and she had the electric lantern.
By this time it was no longer hot in the yurt. With a fan blowing right on us was quite comfy.

We spent about an hour taking pictures in the pitch black (mostly of ourselves) and cackling like lunatics. The pictures would have scared the crap out of anyone who saw them. lol
Trust me on this.

The we read our books some more. I think I was asleep by 10 or so . And woke up about midnight. Poodles was still over there reading her book.

Next time I woke up ...(which I did several times) all I could think about was mice, snakes , and murderers. Or an arm with a knife reaching right thru that slit in my screen.
She was doing the same thing. Every scary movie we had ever seen came to mind.

I woke up at the crack of dawn , relieved to find myself alive and not covered in black widows or snakes. Next!
I got my pan of water, went out to that propane stove, turned on the gas ...threw my match at it ...from as far away as possible. Nothing happened.
I had to go wake up poodles. :)
i didn't know that you...first ...had to go turn the propane tank ON.OR stick the match in that little hole. What do I look like ...some pioneer?

Our coffee turned out fine. But believe me when I say ...WE were looking HIDEOUS!

This part is TMI you may want to skip it.
Remember I said the bathroom was wayyyy far away. Well , both of us take ALLI for our constipation problems.
It works like a charm...let me tell you. No time to drive to the damn bathroom. I will suffice it to say was a balancing act involving.....avoiding all poisonous plants ...dry heaves and plenty of pine needles.
One of the worst experiences of my life!

Ok's safe to open your eyes now. :)

We were allowed to stay until 2 p.m. until checkout. but that wasn't necessary. We had had enough of our wilderness adventure.We loaded up and headed home. I can not EVER remember wanting to take a bath as bad as I did right then.

All in all ..... we had a blast. She says she would do it again. I say next time lets get a Hilton in a woodsy setting:)

Hope you're all having a great day in your world!

Love me

Saturday in Skinny Dip Cove.........................

We'll be back out on the boat today. Yesterday the anchors would not hold for the longest time. After pulling them up and moving about 6 times ,I was in a boiling rage:)

Finally after totally relocating to the other side of the lake ...they held. Too bad that meant we were right in the middle of "young peoples party cove" :)

They were doing beer bongs and everything. We're sure they were doing it wrong.
Not that we're experts or anything.

I don't know why it was so busy out there ,but I have never seen that many boats , even on a Holiday weekend.

I'll be back.....

Later peeps:)


Smocha said...

I'm the first to comment...yea for me
yes we had quite a blast!

the bugs were pretty bad.. but thank god for off.. and it even works on flies..

Mary said...

Except for the bathroom situation the trip sounds like fun. I bet you had to step with caution in the woods and not because of snakes and spiders. I vote with you - next time a Hilton (with room service) in a woodsy setting.

Glad you and friend are enjoying your time together.

Anonymous said...

I recently read to to listerine, even generic brand, for bug spray. I've tried twice and it works! I'm still waiting on regular ole pictures! Tell Vic I said hi. auntie j

SOUL: said...

i should be there but i think i'd skip the alli :))

keep havin fun!!!

luv me

Anonymous said...

Smocha, your list was good but you forgot the broomstick with a knife taped to the end - for killing snakes - could also poke it at the ax murderer if he tried to come into your yurt. Sounds like fun. I picked up a flyer for you at the likker store - some cabins by the Blakely Mountain dam, all the comforts of home, nice deck overlooking the waters of Lake Ouachita and a BBQ grill out on the deck. Much more civilized, but it is good that you had the yurt experience. G5

Anonymous said...

Smocha - I have seen your anchor and it is too small for the size of boat you have. Get a bigger anchor and it will stay put. G5

simonsays said...

Awesome post Smocha! I get the feeling that the two of you could be dangerous, LOL!

I think you are so brave, out in the wild..with snakes and mice and murderer's arms.

Have a really fun week! When is your partner in crime going home?


Mary said...

Just checked back in and found the Saturday afternoon video. Man, there were a lot of boats in Skinny Dip Cove. You were in what my dad used to call "people soup" I'm happy the two of you ar having fun and enjoying each other's company. Love the boat.

Design PR said...

Haha.. I don't know nuthin' about nuthin.. but I think a murder with a knife could get his arm through your screen whether or not there was a pre-existing slit in it!!

BPOTW said...

Camping brings out all sorts of primitive emotions and we do things we wouldn't ever do in real life. I'm glad you had so much fun and lived to tell about it :)

Thanks for sharing your post on Best Posts of the Year!

i am feathermaye said...

(I'm here from BPOTW)

I loved your wilderness tale. And it never occurred to me to use Alli as such... I just tended to avoid Mexican food while taking it, lol! Now I have a whole new appreciation for it!

Kate Coveny Hood said...

I don't think I've ever heard a story that involved a yurt! I'm with you on the Hilton - but your yurt experience does sound like fun.