Thursday, April 10, 2008

Sand baggy ,catty vegetables.....

Happy Thursday Y'all,

This was the scene around town today.

Sandbags! Everywhere.

We're expecting a really bad storm. Apparently ,these people take that stuff serious!

Pouring rain already.
these people even had their door sealed up with plastic.

And these boarded up half the windows. Must be expecting it to be a LOW tornado.

And this was the scene around here.

Looks like he needs a booster seat.

There's those yellow teeth again. :)

Sharpen your feet ,Monkey!

O'Reilly is bored with this dark ,dreary weather.

This is about to be my garden.

Last year I planted everything in like 3 pots. It was all dead in about a week.

I didn't know ya had to water the crap EVERY day!

In spite of my black thumb, I am going to try again.

This time......using one pot per plant.

I don't know nuthin' 'bout birthin' no plants!

Hope y'all are having good days ,where ever YOU are.

Later peeps,

luv me


Anonymous said...

Watching the weather, they said the tornado was at Prattsville headed this way. I got Bo up and away to neighbor's basement. Luckily it did not hit. yes, water EVERY day. Twice a day if temp is very hot. auntie j

Mary said...

Those look like veggies. Just go to the farmer's market and let the farmer's water the dadgum plants. If our water table doesn't get back to normal here, I'm going to plant cactus!!

desert dirt diva said...

birthin plants.. thats a good the tornado on its way to ur house????love the pics, looks like cavuto is hiding out.....

Anonymous said...

Love the cat pics, specially the big yawn. Yes, the baby plants do require some water, but not every day. Just keep em a little damp. They will be happy. If you do not want miniature veggies do not use miniature pots. Last year I planted a sweet potato and it did very well.All those sandbags and all that work and no weather came here - it all went east. Ha! Good. G5

SOUL: said...

the ONLY time in my life i had ANY luck with live plants was kansas.. no idea why-- hmm
i have silk plants now-- it's all i can be trusted with. :))

did you get hit with a tornado?
we had some close the other night-- but were ok.

happy friday-

check .

Smocha said...

Hi Y'all ,
Well ,after they all went thru so much trouble....we didn't get so much as a thunderstorm. The whole thing passed right by us.

Mary, It seemed like a good idea at the time, but now after spending about 50 bucks on dirt , pots and plants...I'm gonna be mad if the damn things don't grow!!

G5, are you saying that my pots are too small???

Soul, Come clean my house!!! :)))
AND my dirty silk plants.

Smocha said...

Soul, if you look on the china cabinet'll see that I found your damn sno babies. :))

SOUL: said...

haha-- what snow babies??
my senile!!!

i've been cleaning for two days-- help me.. somethins wrong LOL

happy weekend

Anonymous said...

Well, since you haven't updated, I take it you're busy potting your plants, huh? me

simonsays said...

LOVED the pics, especially the kitty ones...all of your cats are beautiful.

I hope you didn't get the storm that was expected...