Saturday, April 26, 2008

Make up my mind already......

Happy Saturday Ya'll,

It sure is easy to fall behind on posting. ack!

Let's see......what has happened since my last post???

Oh yeah...My husband got home early Thursday evening. And just as I suspected , he immediately wanted to go out on the boat. Floozie 2 and lake farmer came over and happy houred with us.
So after that ,we left to go out on the boat about 8 P.M.

There are only a few restaurants where you can go on the boat.We pull up to one and a guy comes out and says "sorry folks, we closed at 8:30"

We had no choice but to go to "Way too expensive grill"
We both ordered a little filet . After waiting forever .....they bring our steaks out WELL done!
Uh ...sorry ..NO!!
So we had to wait again while they cooked new ones.

During all the waiting ,I tell my husband how depressed I've been etc..bla bla bla.

We finally get home and get to bed (after my bed time) around 11:30.
Monkey wakes us up at 3 ,scratching on a box. Then Cavuto gets me UP for the day at 6. ack!

Needless to say ,I was exhausted all day yesterday. But i got no nap . We were too busy. he worked all day and I spent most of the day on the internet ,researching England.

At some point he decides we will leave Sunday for Mt Pilot . Me, him , the cats and BOTH cars.

"I can't have you sitting here all depressed"

After looking up the 2 day drive to Mt. Pilot and cringing at the very thought of it. I suddenly realize "I don't think I want to go.I think I'd rather stay home."

(yeah "I" was surprised too) lol You know you wish YOU were married to me. ha ha ha

Who knows some point ,I may change my mind again . :)

But for now, I'm stayin' home.

Last night it was rainy and thunder storming , so we stayed home. Floozie2 and Lake farmer came over and we ordered chinese food.

Yesterday the cat stroller arrived. :))
Hubby and Lake farmer finally put it together. woo hoo!!! crazy cat lady coming out today!

Cavuto and O'Reilly seem to LOVE it allready.

Hopefully ,today I'll be out there getting laughed at by all the neighbors. :)


Soul gave me a blogger award...She said :

" Smocha - at Cats On The Counter : cuz she gets through a life that people don't often see behind the masks that hang on her living room wall..."

Thanks Soul!
I'm sure everyone LOVES my attitude. LOL

If you know someone with "gratitude and attitude" feel free to give it to them.

I'll be passing it on as well, but my little mind has to have some time to think for a while, first.

I'll be back latah with some pics of the crazyness of walking the cats .

Have a great day peeps!

Luv me


SOUL: said...

those cats are about as nutty as you-- but who inherited the nuttiness i wonder :))

happy satahday-- have fun walkin the kities :))

Anonymous said...

I am still amazed that you refused to go with hubby! Shame on you! It would have to be better than being bored like you are here. You could serch the internet there! auntie j

SOUL: said...

ps i just updated

SOUL: said...

ps2-- why the :shame"

Smocha said...

What shame???what are ya talkin about??

Aunty J , yeah , but I couldn't go out on the boat , there's NOTHING around there. And I can always change my mind. lol

Even "I" never know.