Thursday, October 16, 2008

Home sweet home.....

Happy Thursday ya'll,

I am home! My poor kitties were thrilled to see me. (oh the guilt)
They all 3 slept right on me. I was so worn out ,I think i went to bed at 8:30.

I tried to make a video with all the pictures ,but youtube rejected it saying it was "too long"
ack! I'll have to figure out some other way to post them.

Here's the final recap of my trip.

Things I said repeatedly:

"Roll that up! "

"Turn that down!"

"Quit cussing!"

"I need some aspirin"

"I need my nap."

"Twenty years from now you're gonna be old and tired too."

"Slow down ,you're sucking up all the gas."

Things we did repeatedly:

Ate lousy hamburgers.

Stayed up wayyyy too late.

Put gas in that stupid car.

Drove all over hell and back.

Some observations:

Everything there is so neat and clean.Even in the bad neighborhoods.

All the people seem to be in a big hurry.

Everyone is talking on their cell phone.

Everyone is very dressed up compared to Arkansas.

Yards are decorated to the nines for Halloween.

Some random crap:

When Logan and I went to the casino ,the lady who I.D.s people said "Logan! where have you been?"
(apparently the kid used to gamble too much for her to know him by name)


While we were at the petting zoo I commented on how "those eyes with the sideways pupils remind me of the devil."

"you've seen the devil?"

"no, but I picture him with pupils like that."

Click on the picture and check out that eye. It looks like fire is reflected in his pupil.



Me: "do you think I'll get herpes or something if i take a nap in Ians bed?"

Wes: "Ian doesn't have herpes."

Me:"it was a figure of speech."

Later on.....

Me: Ian, I need to take a nap in your bed."

Ian: Busts out laughing ...."you'll get pregnant if you lay on my bed."

"I'm so tired ,I don't care. you can even keep the baby."

ahhh ..the joys of being a "boy mom".


I kept noticing that something was weird about my cigarettes . They kept going out,like those old MORE cigarettes.

Ian finally told me that Chicago has passed some rule where they now have "fire safe cigarettes"
it says "FSC" on the pack. They are designed to go out ,if one falls asleep smoking. As opposed to burning the house down.

Soul, now you know where to get your cigarettes.

Unfortunately , they go out when you're not sleeping as well.

All in all ,it was a great trip. my kids are awesome. and it really does my heart good to see that they are so close to each other. (I mean that they love each other so much. )
I know that they will always be "there" for each other.

It was tiring though. One forgets what an old lady one is. lol

yesterday ,before I left for my flight I checked my seat to make sure I was NOT in front of the exit row again. (with the non reclining seat)

Well, I get to the airport. First they make us change gates . then they called my name and give me a new boarding pass. "here's your new seat"

I made sure it was a window seat.

I get on the plane and WTH! there I am again right in front of the damn exit row ,in my NON reclining seat .ack!!

it's the curse I say!

Have a great day peeps!

Luv me


Mary said...

Welcome home. So happy you had a fun trip. Being the mother of boys is certainly rewarding - they are full of surprises.

You certainly gave me a chuckle when you wrote, "It was tiring though. One forgets what an old lady one is. Bless your heart. I feel that way every Sunday night but I wouldn't change a thing.

I never heard of fire safe cigarettes. Harry no longer smokes and I was always too lazy to smoke. We aren't up to date on happenings in the tobacco world.

Rest up and dream of your next BIG trip.

Anonymous said...

I remember those cigarettes...Those are pretty much what we cut our teeth on...
Here in California, the cigarettes go out if you glance away from the ashtray.I does save on wastage,tho.
Remember the goats that my Dad raised behind the shop? I even took one to Chipman jr hi for a speech assignment that had to have a visual (Gladys was great)*the goat*
I'm glad you got home safely.


Anonymous said...

Forgot is a good editing as well as a site to download and share your photos and videos...Let me know how it works for you..

XO Kiim

Brad said...

Chicago is neat and clean? Since when? Boy Howdy, I haven't been there in a LONG time.

Last time I was there the Chicago River looked like it was coming from a Sherwin Williams factory.

SOUL: said...

fire safe cigs eh?
you know i thought-- he, i need those-- even before i saw-- soul, you need those. lol

really, are they a certain brand, or are all brands goin that route?? cuz i tell ya-- i just can't help myself anymore.. sleep bloggin, sleep smokin... i think i'm even sleep walkin.... time to have the ole soulman hide the car keys at night-- or next thing ya know i'll be sleep drivin.. and we all know-- i cannot drive when i'm awake. eegads.

sounds like a good trip-- any murder scenes in the hotel room? gawd that was creepy. i'm never goin back there. well.. only for loogs wedding-- and NOT that hotel
but never after that.; eeewwweeee.

what's yer pod?