Friday, October 3, 2008

Make mine polyester baby!

Picture it......yesterday at the estate sale.

I make my way down this narrow road which is packed with cars . I maneuver my truck into a clear spot the size of a postage stamp.There are hoards of people. OOOH! excitement ripples through me ,at the thought of the treasures that surely await inside.

Hmmmm...none of the people leaving seem to be carrying any treasures. This is not a good sign. Must be so nice it's out of their price range.

I make it up to the house . It looks like nothing special. Vinyl siding, no style. But it IS right on the lake . So the back side is probably more special.

I enter the living room and ...whoa! I have just stepped into a time warp. I have just entered the 70's.

Hideous square ,uncomfortable looking furniture

Old black and white UHF t.v.s

Glasses from the 60's

Mixers, aprons, sheets, dishes from the 60's

An exercise bike that was so huge and old it took up half the basement.

Every lamp, picture, and shred of decor.

Curtains? Check . Hideous!

Bedspreads. Hideous!

Oh ...and I haven't even made it to the bedrooms yet.

Imagine the horrors waiting in the closets.

If you have been searching for that baby blue or Realtor Gold leisure's your chance!

I don't know about you , but it has always been a dream of mine to see my husband in one of these.

Nothing screams sexy like a Mr. Roper suit.

Or better about bold checks and some skin tight polyester ??

Yeah baby.

There were plenty of ties to match this snazzy shizzle. Believe you ,me.

And don't forget a nice 70's suitcase to put it all in.

Oh. My. Lord!

WHY would someone buy a brand new lake house and then furnish it with every hideous thing they have hoarded since the 50's?

Apparently the house itself is 17 years old.

Obviously ,these people had not bought ONE single thing for decades.

The house is also for sale . You could buy it furnished and live in your very own time capsule.

Here's the kicker.......this can all be yours for the measly sum of $ 889,000

Yeah....I know .....good thing I was wearing my depends.

Happy Friday peeps!

Luv me

P.S. I wasn't really wearing a depends:)


Design PR said...

haha, depends!

What a freakin' rip off! People are living in pipe dreams trying to sell houses these days!

Anonymous said...

Made me long for disco, tube tops and pants that I had to lay down to zip up. How the hell did I breath in high school??
I love YOUR writing.


Anonymous said...

You didn't buy ONE thing? Everything couldn't have been dated. aj

Brad said...

That's funny - there are whole stores who specialize in that stuff. If they found the right buyer the could make a mint off that old retro stuff.

Not my style by any means. I still remmeber it from the first time round. It seems it's hip and cool with the kids these days.

desert dirt diva said...

sounds like you hit the jack pot baby, and now we all know your depends just joking.....still laughing.

SOUL: said...

LOL @ mr roper suit.. haha-- can you like, picture stez in a ...


anyhoo... too funny. wish i was there to dawg on all the gross brady crap with ya.

love me

Anonymous said...

Spice and I went to that same estate sale on Thursday. Everything was ridiculously overpriced. The tools were 20 to 30 yrs old and were priced at almost double what you could buy a new one for at Lowe's. Brad is right - that 70's stuff could be sold for good money if the right collector could be found. The owners wife died -the old guy never remarried - just lived there by himself until he died recently at age 86. The ladies doing the estate sale are not the pros in this town, according to spice, and they sure don't know how to set prices. Today, Sat. was supposed to be half price and tomorrow, Sunday, is 'make an offer'. I am going back tomorrow. Some of those old tools are collectors items and there was an antique camera in the garage. G5

Golden To Silver Val said...

That era was not my favorite for clothing either. I'm a sweatshirt/leggings type of gal. I just feel comfy like that...sorry.
I'm so glad that you're ok and its not the dreaded L word. Are you sure this doc isn't related to House? Sounds like his manner is close. Even though I enjoy the show...if I had a doctor talk to me like that, I would collapse in a pool of frightened tears and then never see him again.

SOUL: said...

why aren't you talkin to anyone? ruude.

hey-- call ian and tell him i forgot to cancel his ticket--so if he isn't busy the next few days to come see us !!!!!

and ps-- UPDATE

SOUL: said...

i don't have englands number !-- call him dammit--
please :))
right now!
luv me