Friday, October 10, 2008

Mouse me....

holy moley, do i need a mouse.

I'm on weis's laptop and this stupid red ball sucks!I'm what the french call "les incompetant"

I spent more time waiting for my flight ,than the flight actually lasted. I drove myself crazy trying to figure out how to recline my seat. i finally asked the "doesn't this seat recline at all?"

"oh, no it doesn't ,you're in front of the exit row."

sweet, I got to sit up straight as a board the whole way here.

I called the kids as soon as the plane landed ."where are you guys?"

"we're at woodfield."

"why are you at woodfield NOW, when my plane is already here?"

Luckily I found an abandoned wheelchair to sit in, while I waited for them to get there.

It was rush hour by the time we left the airport. If you haven't ever seen rush hour traffic in chicago.....what a treat you are missing. NOT!

It took us 2 hours to get to the hotel ....30 miles away.

By the time we got here ,I did not want to do or go anywhere. I did need some food though. After debating for another 2 hours ,we wound up ordering some overpriced delivery food.

i had assumed that this room would have a little fridge and maybe a microwave. well, has nothing. just a plane old room.

The kids left here about 11:30 and went to Ians house. I figured since I was cavuto-less I might sleep in. but nooooo.....i still woke up at 6 a.m.

Weis and Logan are going somewhere to play raqutball this morning and Ian and I are off to the thrift stores.

i desperatelt need some coffee and none of my minions are here to go get it. :)

guess I better get cleaned up and go get it myself.

Oh yeah, ian reupholstered my hubbys old car that we sold him. it's is unbelievably professional looking. I'll take a pic today in the daylight.

have a great day in your worlds!

luv me


desert dirt diva said...

that is why you should stay at best western, my dear.. they have a micro, and a refrig...and the one i go to has a great waffle breakfast:)

SOUL: said...

yep-- you choose sheraton.. and we all know they suck ass. ugh. bloody murder scenes and all. erg!

anyhow--- where's the pic?
i want ian to make me some seat covers for my almost white interior on my toyota. UGH. soulkid and light fabric anything-- does NOT go well together. ever.
food, drinks, makeup, ink... my brand new car is destroyed.

i will pay him.