Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Beware of old ladies with scissors........

Hi ya'll,

Yesterday morning I was supposed to get up at 5:30 and get ready to leave for Memphis at 7. I set a clock and everything. (they are usually NEVER set because our electricity goes out about every other day , for no damn reason) Natuarlly , the clock did NOT go off at 5:30 Nor did Cavuto wake me at the crack of dawn he does EVERY single day. EXCEPT the day I need to get up. right.

Floozie1 shows up and we manage to get out of here ,only half an hour behind schedule.It is a long boring drive of nothing but fields of dead things. We finally decided they must have been cotton.

We got to Memphis early enough to hit a few thrift stores. The area we were in , which was near my appointment at "homeland security" was not the best area and the thrift stores reflected this. ack!
Then we ate lunch at what was claiming to be some "world famous Memphis Bar-b-q"

Well, I told Floozie "When I hear that claim ,I expect to be dazzled."

I was NOT one bit dazzled. Disappointed is more like it.

We got to the Homeland Security place . I had brought my camera so I could take pictures. (naturally)
We had to go through a security check ,just like the airport.

First ,the guy tells me "no cameras ,no cell phones , go put them in your car"

Great, I go put them in the truck. Then they call Floozie1 back to be checked because her big old pair of hair scissors in her purse set off the metal detector.

"No weapons allowed in the building, go put them in your car."

Now that we have been de-terroristed, they finally let us in. A lady immediately tells me "I've been waiting for over 2 hours."

"are you here for fingerprints?"

"yes "


Lucky for us, all the employees soon returned from their 2 hour lunch. So we were out of there in about an hour.

As the guy was doing my fingerprints, I asked him "what do you do with these?"

"We send them to the FBI."

A. Who knew?
B. The FBI probably already HAS my stupid prints. I've had that done several times for work. ack!

We had come prepared to spend the night
"just in case" and if we did , we wanted to go down to Beal street and walk around ,take pictures etc.

Well, it was freezing cold and windy. So we decided against that plan.

We figured if we left town by 4 , we'd make it home before dark. (Both of us have night blindness)

So, we hit a few more thrift stores.

Then we saw Churches chicken. I haven't seen that in about 20 years . Neither had she. So she got some chicken to bring home.

At the last thrift store ,I found the highlight of the trip!

I got these fatbaby boots for TWO DOLLARS!

SCORE! woo hoo!!!Retail price $109.00

I was hurting like an old woman by the time we got home and she could barely keep her eyes open. But at least we got to smell chicken the entire way home.

Now for some comments to ya'll s comments :

Anonymous said...

Do you have a job? Or a hobby?

Thanks for asking Stranger, I actually have several hobbies. I do count my nap as one of them. I no longer have a job because we are moving to England. I will not have a job in England as I am not allowed to. Guess I better up the hobbies 'eh.

Brad said...

Rattle - Rattle - WAKE UP!

Just what kind of brownies does DDD have in mind?


LOL Brad, I'm pretty sure she meant the kind a Brownie troop leader with 4 young kids would make. That's what we get for her deciding to become a mother (again),in her old age. :)

Golden To Silver Val said...

Hey, you....lover of kittehs! Check out this little video, you'll love it.

All I can say is...Bless her Heart! But I sure don't know how she does it.

Hey Val, I've seen that before. Pretty cool. But I have to wonder "how in the heck can she afford it?"

I could totally see myself doing something that crazy if I had no husband to rein me in. LOL


Brad said...


Where was that?

Several people asked about that toilet. it was at the Mexican restaurant where we ate.When I got home ,I searched the internet for such a toilet and I came up empty.

I'm not crazy about the sunflowers, but I am crazy about an artsy toilet. If anyone knows where to look for such a thing. Please...hook us up!

Have a great day Peeps!


Anonymous said...

I wish I had a sense of directions where I could look up a strange address in a strange town and find it (thrift stores). flossie1 said the bbq was good...quit being so clincal of things! I got up this morning 530am to send Bo off squirrel hunting. It was heavy frost and very cold so I went back to bed. After my phone wouldn't quit ringing each time I dozed off, I got up. At least temp is up to 40. brrrrrrr aj

Brad said...

I'll pay you $25 to wear those boots to church and get your picture taken with the pastor.


SOUL: said...

i never see cool toilets-- anywhere-- but i do love those rooster sinks by khol. (?) i want me one-- if i ever get outta this hell hole.

so, you are all ready to go eh?

update me on z plans would ya?

how rude-- i coulda gone at any time gilbert! and here you ignore me?

desert dirt diva said...