Saturday, October 4, 2008

My mind is like.....all the shrimp you can eat...maybe

Happy Sunday Ya'll,

Yep. I'm behind again. So....let me see .....what thrilling things have I done the last couple days?

Friday ,I went and met my friends Eva and Robin for lunch . Afterwards they had plans to go yard sale-ing. I was on my way to run errands. What the heck...count me in. I'm going yard sale-ing too.

And am I glad I did!

We found this little old lady having a sale . She was addicted to QVC and was quite the little fashionista. No old lady stuff here.

I got these adorable clogs for 3 bucks!

These brand new leather boots for 15 bucks.

And this glass bead cameo necklace for 5 bucks.

You rock little old cute lady!!

(yes , that's a nosey cat head in the picture)

I got up at 5:30 yesterday planning to hit some more yard sales.

I was feeling lucky:)

But nooooooo.........We immediately get a huge thunderstorm and pouring rain that lasts half the day.

So, instead , I worked around here until afternoon. I got a lot of work done . just never seems to be enough to make it LOOK like I got anything done. ack!

Then I head out for a few thrift stores in the rain. I found NOTHING. BTW
One of the stores I went to was the "cat shelter thrift store" the shelter itself is right there ,next door. I usually ......err...always have to stop in there and take a look at the poor homeless kitties.

They have tons of them right now.

But one immediately rushed over to the window to see me.

OMG....he was an adorable (mostly) Bengal like my own little dummy, Cavuto.

He lay there padding his feet at me , just like Cavuto does.

It ripped my heart out to have to walk away from him and leave him there.

Why do i go in there?

Here is more info about him. If you live near Hot springs ....You KNOW you want your very own Cavuto! Go get that baby!

I swear my short term memory is completely non existent. WTH?

The other day Floozie2 told me "they have some really cute cat beds on sale at Goody's ."

I go to Goodys to check 'em out. There they are ,right as you walk in the door. Cute, soft and only 10 bucks. Score! I'm gonna get 2 of them to take to England.

By the time I walk around the store just seeing whats new and/or on sale, I have no idea what I originally came to the store for.I leave without buying anything. Including the damn cat beds.

The question "what the hell did i go to goody's for?" floats around in my empty head all evening.
Several hours later , out of the blue " the damn cat beds , you moron!" just pops into my mind.

Do you think I have Alzheimer's?

I went back the next day ,with
"cats beds "written with a sharpie marker on my hand.

And I got two of the cute fluffy cat beds.

The cats LOVE them BTW.And sharpie ink doesn't wash off very easily.

You haven't heard enough about cats today yet, right? Ok ,good cuz there's more:)

Whenever I go somewhere , as soon as i get home I unload my junk on the counter and O'Reilly rushes over, jumps on the counter and then onto my shoulder.

He lays himself down behind my head and purrs and pads his feet.

Yeah , he IS thrilled to see me.
Who wouldn't be? lol

He has done this since he was a tiny baby.

note to self :wow, the back of your hair looks really weird. who knew?

It's totally sweet when he does this except for the constant cape of cat scratches that I wear.

I have to wonder ,do ALL Abyssinian' s do this?
Anybody know?

Ok, that's all the cat news for today:)

Time for me to get busy working on my sty of a room. I think the junk in there breeds while I'm sleeping.

Don't forget to go adopt a cat today.

Have a great day peeps!

Luv me


SOUL: said...

thats a long ass cat post.

you think YOU have altzheimers? it took me a full minute to remember wth a CAPE is!! ugh

ps call your son!!!

Anonymous said...

Love the bed! I need a couple! aj

Anonymous said...

No, you do not have Alzheimers. You were just distracted. My spice opens her mouth for 10 seconds, then closes it because she forgets what she was going to say. Being forgetful is misplacing your car keys. Alzheimers is placing your car keys in the microwave and cooking them for 12 minutes. How in the world do you take those pics of cat on your shoulder - even from behind your head? Contortion artist. Agree, nothing is more heart-wrenching than to see a homeless cat. G5

Brad said...

I was going to ask the same thing. How in the hec did you take those pics ?

Can't you just adopt that little guy and add him into the pack? I bet hubby wouldn't even notice!