Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Oh...pass a decorator and a maid..quick!

Happy Tuesday peeps,

Not much going on ,this was the highlight of my day yesterday. Finding this brand new suitcase for 8 bucks at the half of a half store.

In case you haven't flown lately,they have changed the luggage rules. Remember how it used to be "2 free checked bags" per ticket? up to 75 pounds per bag.
Well ,now it is 15 bucks for the first bag ,25 for the second AND the weight limit is now 50 pounds.

The just charged my husband 100 dollars because his bag weighed more than 50 pounds.

It's crap I say!

Headstand cat

Waiting for someone to turn on the faucet.....


A while back I wrote this,about my spouses living conditions:

He said "That's all I'm going to buy now, until you get here."

That brings his total household furnishings up to :

Patio table
lawn chair
Flat screen t.v.
Air mattress with foam topper
cheap clothes hanging rack
2 curtains
his laptop
clothes drying rack

Well, he finally sent me some pictures. I am mortified!!
True ,he is traveling a lot and isn't there very much ...but still.
This makes me really want to hurry up and get out there.

He recently told me that "I" was spoiled ass rotten, well guess what? so is HE!
He needs his wife to clean up after him:)

I would be totally depressed living like this.

Feast your eyes on the modern day caveman dwelling.........

Note the fox news. LOL

And he has now moved the air bed to the living room,cuz that's where the t.v. is.

LOVE the curtains.

Snazzy home office.

BTW he STILL has no internet at home.

British refrigerator.

And we thought ours were too small.

Have a great day ya'll!

Luv me


Anonymous said...

I knew it was a small apartment but there are no closets?! plus, he has no egg! What will the poor man do without one!!! auntie j

Mary said...

Whatever would a man do without a TV with a remote and a bed to watch from? Typical man, I say. Ya gotta luv 'em.

At one point Harry was working out of town and the company provided a furnished apt for him. When the contract was over and he 'moved' home - well words are not adequate and I don't have pictures. He carried the stuff he'd collected while living there to the car and threw it in - unpacked, I might add. (He lowered the windows and threw it all in.) When he drove in the driveway the car was full - front and back - to window and dash level with everything just thrown in - clothes included. Open the trunk - TV with remote neatly wrapped and taped to the top, computer, laptop, printer, and nothing else. All neatly packed and padded. A man is a man but a computer man is something else again.

desert dirt diva said...

oh my god how friggin funny, is that a box for the table.. well at least he go ya a chair, my poops...don't people in england have big famlies?????the refig would not dooooooooo.....

Brad said...


Excuse me while I go beat my laundry with a rock down by the river.

You'd better get over there quick.

Anonymous said...

He has the essentials. All the rest is fluff and frills. All yall just look around your rooms and look at all the fluff and frills. Smocha, you can save a lot of money if you dont buy another stick of furniture. And, wouldnt it be fun just kinda campin out! Hub can make an egg out of two used wash tubs. G5

Anonymous said...

Like dddiva said, it looks like a box for a desk...is it? auntie j

simonsays said...

This made me laugh.

How one earth does one survive without the internet? LOL

Happy Thursday.