Monday, September 15, 2008

Damn complicated machines made for men...

Hi Ya'll,

Remember this THING?

Well, yesterday was the big day when I finally decided to try and use it.

Fist up...move everything out of the living room.Trust me when i say...this was NO easy task.

After about an hour of tear inducing frustration, I finally get the thing set up and put together.

The water pours right out of the tank .....all over the kitchen floor.

(this tank)

After another hour of tear inducing frustration and cussing.

I discover the problem.

Which I describe here, in this email to my husband.

"This is the bottom of the clean water tank. When I filled it up ...the water was just pouring out of the bottom.
I was finally able to figure out that the threads that the little black rubber thing (technical term)are supposed to screw onto are completely broken off. As you can see in the 3rd pic. There are NO threads.Nothing to hold it on there at all.
Luckily , I was able to rig up a gasket (which actually worked) out of the universal fix-it ....duct tape.
I think one room a day is all I can handle."

I didn't think my explanation could GET any clearer. (silly me)

His reply :

"I'm not sure I understand what went wrong .....of course your technical
terminology and descriptive phrases leave me without much to go on....but
it seems like it involved leaking water ? ....hmmm it worked last time we
used it....must be operator error."

Gah!!! Did any of you understand my description? Or do we just have a communication gap? :)

One lousy room ...DONE!

At this rate I'll have the whole house done in about a month.

Yesterday I heard a distressing bit of news about Spasquatch, you know the man in spandex, who dances down the streets all over town.

Word on the street is that he was found dead in a dumpster a few days ago. I am trying to find out if it's true or not. But we have no LOCAL news around here. So, I'm getting nowhere fast.

I hope it is just a rumor. I'll let ya know if I find out anything.

Today I will be cleaning the mess Ike left all over my porches .

I dreamed that someone wanted to buy the little car. :)
Hope it was ESP.

Seems like everyone is having some crappy times out in blogland. Hope today is good for all of you.

Luv me


Anonymous said...

the man from the park bench? Hope not! Let me know. Still 57 degrees.....good day to work outside but I've got to work inside while hubby is squirrel hunting, then work at fair checking in plants, fruits and! auntie j

Mary said...

I hope it's a rumor. Street people live a rugged life - it makes me sad everytime I see them.

Excuse me, but hubby must be a computer man. I know, I'm married to one. Trying to explain anything to him is next to impossible. I wish I had a recording of our conversation when I was trying to tell him that the kitchen sink was draining slowly and I could hear a gurgling noise when the washer empties. Simple? NO!!! I guess I'm just a dumb broad. I waited until hubby went to the golf course and called a plumber. He understood what I was saying and fixed the problem in 15 minutes.

Mary said...
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Mary said...

OOPS! I posted twice and deleted once. No make that posted three times and deleted once. Whatever ---- Have a nice day.

desert dirt diva said...

danm i understood every word you said....did you go join my followers page...hmmmmm so as your done with your house come do my just thought i'd throw that out there.. things are good here.. have a great day.. and hope that dumpster dude is o.k. if you know his name look in the obits.. love me

Anonymous said...

I subscribe to the daily mullet wrapper (Hot Springs Sentinel-Record) and there has been nothing in it about a body found in a dumpster so I would chalk that one up as a rumor. Great job on the carpet! I understood your prob description - but have to wonder what happened to the threads from last time you used the thing? Where did they go? You can get thru life with a crowbar and duct tape. IF something sticks together just use the crowbar. If you need things together, use the duct tape. You really should be a professional photographer. G5

simonsays said...

I hope your local homeless man is okay. I admire your strength and tenacity to get the job done, regardless of machine failure or operator error..

I hope your week is going great.