Thursday, September 18, 2008

Comment post.....

Happy Thursday (I hope)

It's time for a comment post because my memory is too crappy to remember what y'all said unless i am looking right at it.

Anonymous said...

I knew it was a small apartment but there are no closets?! plus, he has no egg! What will the poor man do without one!!! auntie j

That's right ,there are NO closets. You have to go buy your own ,which they call wardrobes.

the "egg" she speaks of is a big green egg.

This thing. the best grill in the world. I have already checked . they do not sell them in England.

Blogger Mary said...

Whatever would a man do without a TV with a remote and a bed to watch from? Typical man, I say. Ya gotta luv 'em.

At one point Harry was working out of town and the company provided a furnished apt for him. When the contract was over and he 'moved' home - well words are not adequate and I don't have pictures. He carried the stuff he'd collected while living there to the car and threw it in - unpacked, I might add. (He lowered the windows and threw it all in.) When he drove in the driveway the car was full - front and back - to window and dash level with everything just thrown in - clothes included. Open the trunk - TV with remote neatly wrapped and taped to the top, computer, laptop, printer, and nothing else. All neatly packed and padded. A man is a man but a computer man is something else again.

Are you sure we're not married to the same man?This cracked me up Mary. I wish i had a picture of that car.

That's exactly the way my youngest son packs when he comes to visit. Usually the clothes are dirty as well. he just scoops them up off his floor and throws them in a suitcase. I was hoping he'd outgrow that. Now you've dashed my hopes :)

Blogger desert dirt diva said...

oh my god how friggin funny, is that a box for the table.. well at least he go ya a chair, my poops...don't people in england have big famlies?????the refig would not dooooooooo.....

DDD, Yes, I believe that is the box that the new flat screen came in. Pretty snazzy, no? Yeah, that fridge is not very comforting. The big double door one I have NOW is too small.

Blogger Brad said...


Excuse me while I go beat my laundry with a rock down by the river.

You'd better get over there quick.

Tell me about it! The reason he doesn't have internet is because first he had to wait about 2 weeks for them to come out. Then ,they did not show up...twice. Then when they finally did show up, he was informed that the "router" or something must be sent in the mail.Hopefully it is waiting for him when he returns from Sweden this weekend.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

He has the essentials. All the rest is fluff and frills. All yall just look around your rooms and look at all the fluff and frills. Smocha, you can save a lot of money if you dont buy another stick of furniture. And, wouldnt it be fun just kinda campin out! Hub can make an egg out of two used wash tubs. G5

Spoken like a true caveman . And NO it would not be fun at all.LOL It would be depressing. I am gonna fluff and frill that hideous place up, as soon as I get there!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Like dddiva said, it looks like a box for a it? auntie j

Yep, the t.v. box. I am almost sad for him:)

Blogger simonsays said...

This made me laugh.

How one earth does one survive without the internet? LOL

Happy Thursday.


Hey Jamie, I know I couldn't! He hasn't either. He usually works until 6 or 7 at night . then by the time he eats and watches t.v. it's bedtime. But on the weekends he's been either driving all the way to work or they do have a starbucks near the apartment. He's gone there to use the internet too.

Thanks for your comments my friends.

This primitive living reminds me , yesterday I heard several people (while I was out shopping) saying that their electricity had JUST come back on. Since our storm this PAST weekend. UGH! I would have died.
No internet, no t.v. , no air conditioner!OMG! Those poor people. Do you know how humid it is here?All the food rotting.
My place is all electric. I don't know what I would have done.

My oldest son just took a fun filled trip to New York city. I am anxiously waiting for his trip report and pictures which I will stick up ,as a guest post. Because the life of a 28 year old is soooo much more exciting than mine:)

Hope it's a great day in your worlds.

Luv me


Brad said...

Hey sweets - I repied to your ? in an email but had to send it to Soul as I don't have your addy - hopefully she'll forward for me.

Anonymous said...

Luved seeing your comments to the comments. You should write a column or better yet, write a book. Wait until the England "experience" - it will add several howling chapters. Because of that small refrigerator I expect you to return from England 20 lbs lighter. G5

simonsays said...

Loved this post---what a good idea!

I shall have to try this the next time I cant remember what everyone said or asked...which we both know will be the next time I have comments as I am losing my mind..

I hope your weekend is wonderful.



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