Friday, September 5, 2008

Dinky washers and dead plants......


For a 4 day week, hasn't this week lasted forever??WTH.

Well, here I have wasted 3 weeks on my pity pot, feeling like I am going to be here forever before I go to England.Last night ,it dawned on me.....if I go in November....that only gives me 7 weeks to get allll this work done. Yikes! (It's really 8 ,but I'll be gone a week of that seeing my chillun's)

I better get into panic work mode.I have a TON of work to do. What was I thinking?

I have to pack up everything we are taking. Pack up all our personal stuff that we are not taking.Move all that stuff somewhere,get the whole house spotless (in case we decide to rent it for racing season)Detail the truck and the boat, cover up the boat,sell the car, get a visa, finish the cats crazy appointments (so they can get into the country)Get rid of a million clothes,pack what's left, get my winter clothes out of the attic. Lose 20 pounds, quit smoking.....ha ha , may as well throw that in for laughs.

Whew! It's time to get my lazy self busy...VERY busy.

What is with this stupid underlining?

My husband has been traveling all week. he told me yesterday that he bought a patio table and a chair.And is now using that for his desk/table /place to sit.
He said "That's all I'm going to buy now, until you get here."

That brings his total household furnishings up to :

Patio table
lawn chair
Flat screen t.v.
Air mattress with foam topper
cheap clothes hanging rack
2 curtains
his laptop
clothes drying rack

Only a man could survive for months in that environment.


Remember this cute little washing machine?

When he tried to use it for the first time.......
he said "there was a rubber belt laying inside of it."

He thought"hmmm, they must have fixed it and left that in there."

So he loads his clothes up, figures out how to turn the thing on and goes upstairs to take a shower.

He gets out of the shower and still hears the sound of water running.

He gets down to the kitchen and the whole damn kitchen is flooded. The water is still just pouring out of the washer onto the floor.
There is no way to open the door on those washers until the cycle is finished. He figures out how to shut the water off to the washer.

He has no material in the house except suits and some brand new towels he had (luckily) just bought.He cleans up the flood with the new towels , which he now has no way to wash OR dry.

Next stop.....he gets to go experience the British laundry mat. (The picture of him in a laundry mat cracks me up)

Well , the rain has FINALLY stopped. Today we will see the sun for the first time in a week.
Before all the rain started I had taken my dead garden and put some of it in a big trash bag. As of yesterday ,the bag and the rest of the plants are so waterlogged ,they now weigh about 5,000 pounds.I must figure out a way to get them to the dumpster today.

I'm surprised my neighbors haven't complained about the state of my patio. ack!

White trash alert!

I better get busy.....the longer I sit here the bigger my feeling of panic.

Have a great Friday Peeps!

Luv me

If any of you have a carpet shampooer like THIS
Please tell me how to use it.


Anonymous said...

Time DOES get away from you! It doesn't seem like it's been 3 weeks since Scott left. No way! Don't forget to empty your little freezer, unplug it and leave the lid open. Be careful renting condo! Better that hubby did not buy furniture or you might hate it. You're the one that will spend alot of time in it. what about cats potty pot? take w/you or buy one there? Will #1 son go to chicago? auntie j

desert dirt diva said...

i can't picture scott in a laundrtmat.....glad things are coming together for you in your normal manner,,,have a great day.

Brad said...

Couldn't you just rent a wife for the next 7 weeks ?

someone should really offer that service.

One thing at a time dear - don't over do it.

Mary said...

If that's the Hoover steam vac I have one. It works really well when you figure out how - I didn't - my DIL did. She "did" the offending carpet at my house and took the beast home with her. Haven't seen it since and don't care. your house for race season?? what kind of racing? Everything will fall into place. Sounds like hubby needs you in the worst way. Concentrate on your mission and the rest of the world be-damned.

I'm writig from the road and can't edit. Hope I didn't mess up too badly.

Anonymous said...

Good. You have realized that you only have several precious weeks remaining to get all that stuff done. Go to it. Don't want to be mean, but I had to laugh at hub's adventure with the washer in the kitchen. Sounds like an appliance repair is in order. Underline in your blog much? G5

simonsays said...

Oh my YES you do have alot to do, and it is really rough when it's all been left up to you. On the other hand, it sounds like hubby has his own challenges recently, I had to laugh at the mental image of him and the washer and the flood. LOL

I hope your weekend is really great. Get something crossed off your list, but take some time for you, too.