Friday, September 19, 2008

What head injury?

Picture it, night before last.... at a restaurant in Stockholm ,Sweden.

Several men are having dinner after work. Discussing boring topics such as work, work and more work.

One man gets up to go to the restroom. An extreme amount of time passes. he does not return to the table.
None of the men get up to go check on him.

Instead ,they sit there thinking to themselves
" hmmm.. I wonder what happened to him. I hope he's ok. maybe I should go check on him. NO! If I did that everyone would think I was gay."

The man who went to the restroom..never got there. Instead ,he woke up in an empty bar ,somewhere in the restaurant with the manager and the paramedics hovering over him.

Apparently , he had fallen down the stairs and been knocked unconscious.Naturally, he refused transport to the hospital. He just wanted to go back to the table and eat his meal.

He returns to the table after this seemingly LONG trip to the restroom, acting all nonchalant.

The other men would never have known a thing about his unfortunate incident .....if not for the
huge goose egg and the black eye.

At least nobody's gay.

In conclusion.....Men are stupid.

Yes, that man was my husband.

And I am now worried sick about my stubborn husband POSSIBLY having an epidural hematoma (or concussion)while thousands of miles away .And not bothering to go get checked.

On a lighter and more boring note......

Where were these things when MY kids were little?
A haircut could have been less than a trip to hell?

And a separate one for the little princess's.

Who's spoiled?

I spent practically my entire day ,yesterday, getting my hair done.

I had to go outside, across the street, looking like THIS to smoke.

It was smack dab in the middle of the gangsta' hood.

I actually chuckled out loud every time a brutha' drove by in his donk and did a double take ,as he laughed at me.

That is the price one must pay for beauty.

That and $75.00

Worth every penny. No?


TGIF ya'll ! and hope/pray that my spouse is really "just fine" would ya.

Thanks! Luv me


Anonymous said...

Cannot believe hubby! and YES, hair worth it! Not even curled, I can tell the color is beautiful! I have an aptment next week to have my color redone but my hubby said NO ! No more money spent this month! ack! auntie j

Design PR said...

Holy crap! What a great mental picture of Mr. Klutz busting his arse! I'm glad he's ok.

desert dirt diva said...

yes getting your hair done is WORTH every penny, myself i will never go back to the store bought bottle again, you hair looks gorgous, my poops, and i can't believe how long it is ,don't cut it!

Anonymous said...

The hair looks perfect!
MEN! Having such hard heads I'm sure he's

work is doing's been real busy.

Mary said...

Men!! Wouldn't want anyone to think he (any one of them) might be gay. At least someone - probably a gay guy who wasn't afraid someone would think he was gay - checked and called the paramedics. Bless their little pointed heads, men can usually survive but they only thrive when there's a good woman to take care of them. Hurry and pack - you're needed! (I'm assuming that the goose egg and the black eye belong to hubby.)

The hair is beautiful. Worth every last cent and minute of time spent getting it done. Way to go!

SOUL: said...

i do like your hair--
wish they had a car that i could get my mop cut in..perhaps it would motivate me to actually go? i look like crap.
and wtf happened to your husband?? he just passed out??
tell his friends to quit worrying about bein gay and go check on people once in a while. geesh.. gay dudes are more considerate than these macho idiots .
wait til it's one of them layin out in the parkin lot or somewhere.

anyhow-- how many times has he "fainted" ??? has he seen a doc for it? ummmm... perhaps he might wanna look into that?

luv me

Anonymous said...

Blondes have more fun. You go, girl. Glad ya did it. Hub will be just fine - when you are drunk you are all loose and relaxed and falls are not all that harmful. One time I was at dinner with coworkers and the talk was most interesting tho I really had to go to the restroom I continued in the discussion till I could wait no more, hurried to the nearest restroom, went in a stall and let go, glanced down and saw beneath the partition in the next stall a pair of red high heel shoes. Uh oh. If I could see her shoes she could see my big, black wingtips. She was outta there in a flash. So was I. G5

simonsays said...

Good heavens, men are such retards! (excuse my political incorrectness...) I hope he's okay, too.

LOVE LOVE LOVE your hair. Would have loved a pic of you standing out there smoking...