Monday, September 22, 2008

Hey, you're not black......

Happy Monday Peeps,

Well if you know me , this will come as no surprise.
I picked the blackest church I could find. It was in an all black neighborhood , right across the street from the projects.

We were expecting a "boogie in the aisle's " FUN church experience.

We expected ladies giving us chills with their awesome singing ,a preacher yelling from the pulpit , big beautiful hats, loud and fun.

Imagine my shock when we got THIS instead.....

A plain ole boring white milk toast Baptist church.

WTH? How could this be? Where were the black people?

If not in this neighborhood, then where?

I guess I will have to do better research next time. Damn it.

It's the curse ,I say!

Have a great day!
Luv me


Brad said...

I use to do the solo of the black spirtual song called "Everytime I feel the spirt" - Let me know if you want me to sing it for you and send it - LOL

Hey, you tried...

desert dirt diva said...

your too friggin funny!!!!!

desert dirt diva said...
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myomyohi said...

I have to agree with DDD.
Better luck next time sistah.

Mary said...

Disappointment. You should-a asked the black girl sitting next to you in the "hair fixin' store" where to find an all black church.

I bet you both had a strange look on your faces when you saw what was happening.

SOUL: said...