Sunday, September 21, 2008

I curled my hair...for THIS?

Happy Sunday ya'll,

Last night Floozie2 and I were supposed to go out to dinner, at night time, like grown ups.

A neighbor of ours had invited us ,the night before while we were sitting here watching chick flicks.

WE were told it would be "pretty late" as this neighbor has a hellish work schedule.

So, Floozie 2 comes over at about 6:30 , we sit around yacking and starving and waiting . Finally we gave up around 8 p.m.
(We had been stood up)
and she drove the 2 of us to dinner at this fish place.

I was too cheap to get the Mahi Mahi for 17 bucks. It really makes no sense , because the money comes from the same account. It just seems more justifiable when my hubby is the one paying.
Go figure.

We were home by 9:30 and I was in my p.j.s the minute I got home.
Damn we're exciting.

I do have an adventure planned for today though. My friend Floozie1 is ready to try and start living again. As you know ,her husband recently died.

Before he got so sick that she was unable to really go anywhere, her and I had been "church hopping". You know, trying a different church every week.
Well, today ,we're back in the saddle. We're going to an African American church.

I have not been to one since boot camp, back in the day. I do remember loving the energy and the passion though. So, I think it's gonna be fun!

I'll be back later to let ya'll know how it goes.

Have a great day in your worlds!

Luv me


Anonymous said...

I remember that time we went to a foursquare gospel church, when you lived over on P st. That was wild!
Call me.

Mary said...

Church hopping can be very interesting to say the least. It's something I haven't done in a long, long time. Had a few great experiences and a few really confusing. As a child I loved going to church with our black housekeeper. I could clap my hands and dance if I wanted to. Maybe I should try that again.

Anonymous said...

Anxious to hear about your adventure! aj

Anonymous said...

If Designers' incredible NYC adventure is his idea of having a good time (riding subways, eating pizza, sleeping on sofas, going to a stand-up rap concert, excuse me!) do not let him ever complain of being bored at your house - tho I dont think he is or was. Hey, those churches rock! Let us know how it went. All the pics were red x's in little boxes. ? G5

SOUL: said...

whats with the big empty gap??
i dont see no red x's.
how was church?
it feels like i was here like last night -- by the looks of things it looks like days and days -- wth? i think i'm losin my mind.
i wanna go to ny-- but i think i'm too old for a weisel trip. i think i'd just walk around and eat.. and be lazy.. hell i don't know. but i sure wouldn't be standing up at no hip hop concert-- :))
owwww makes my back hurt just thinkin about it.