Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Is that a cricket in your pocket?

Hi ya'll,

Brad said "I'm guessing this wasn't a surprise for poor Floozie1."

No , it was not .Her husband has had terminal cancer for a very long time. BTW, it actually started out as breast cancer. YES, men can get breast cancer. Like most men, he waited too long to go to the doctor. By the time he went, the cancer had already spread.
Take a lesson you men :)

The funeral is tomorrow....man...that was quick! I froze the chicken.It's future is now anyone's guess.


I really have so much work to do, I should never leave this house until it's done.

I started unpacking one of these boxes (from the attic) the cats were all gathered 'round,the thrill of a box...you know.I start pulling clothes out and all of a sudden I spot a huge bug.
I start screaming like a lunatic ,before I notice that it is a cricket.

I scared the crap out of the cats. They went running and skidding in all directions.

Then I shook the cricket onto the floor in Cavuto's general direction.

"Get that bug, boy!"

He spent the next several hours sitting like a statue ,keeping the cricket frozen in one spot,with his death glare.

This morning when I got up, the cricket was floating in the toilet....dead. I don't think Cavuto put him there so he must have jumped to his own watery death to escape my great white hunter.

The death glare......

Have a great day peeps!

Luv me


Brad said...

Yea Cavuto !

Well done kitty!

Break out the catnip - sniffs are on the house!

desert dirt diva said...

tell hazel sorry to hear about gene.. at least he's not in anymore pain....send hugs and my love..

Anonymous said...

According to the Chinese, who have been around for a long time, a cricket in the house is an omen of good luck. They actually have little cricket cages (like small bird cages) and keep a cricket in the house all the time. They name them and feed them and everything. Fish him out of the commode and go fishin on the boardwalk. Crickets are the favorite food of Bream tho they prefer their crickets alive.
Keep up the good work - you are making excellent progress. G5

simonsays said...

Love the pics---and his death glare.

Hmm..you have so much to do, want me to come and help? Anything to escape the crap here..LOL

Have a good Wednesday. :)

Mary said...

Nice pics. Even Cavuto's death stare is nice. What a pretty creature. Have you ever told him how pretty he is?

I know you are over powered by all you have to do. Take a deep breath and don't panic.

desert dirt diva said...

i'm with jamie we can all go help you , only if you answer your phone sometime or update this dang blog,my witch bag,how is hazel?