Saturday, September 6, 2008

I'm up now.......

Hi'ya Peeps,

This morning my phone rang at 3:40 A.M. ack! I immediately thought it was my youngest son, drunk and fighting with his brother. You never know at 3 A.M. so I had to answer it.

Much to my relief , that was not the case. He had just gotten home from picking up Gidget at work,checked his email and found out his mommy was sad. (yeah , when he's old ,he'll wait 'til morning to call and check on me)

I guess it's been awhile since I spoke to him. He is now back in school ,his business is thriving and they are both just doing so great for two kids "doing it the hard way".There they were at 3A.M. ,just getting off work,giving the ferrets their vitamins.

I'm so proud of you guys! But really, it's ok to wait until morning to call me.
I can't wait 'til they get married:) We could not have found a better "daughter" if we'd been able to go find her ourselves.

Yesterday I busted ass working ,mostly on my overstuffed closet.I narrowed down my summer clothes/shoes/bags down to 3 small boxes.

I have 2 giant hefty bags ready for goodwill and Eva happened to stop by , so I gave her all the better stuff.I am not taking any clothes to England that need to be ironed. It will be bad enough having to use the clothes line. Ha!

Today I get to go up into the attic and repeat the whole process with my winter wardrobe.
We have those pull down ladder type stairs, which scare the crap out of me. I can go up ok but I'm scared to death to go down. Especially while carrying boxes. I usually roll the boxes down the ladder and hope there's nothing breakable in them.

Note to self:Quit buying clothes, you crackhead!

Night before last I made the most hideous dinner ever! I have this recipe where you brown some smoked sausage ,an onion and a bell pepper. Then you heat it all up in au jus and serve it on a toasted french roll .(like a french dip)

Well ,I did not have any au jus mix but I did have a packet of brown gravy mix. I figured it may be similar.

NOT! OMG! It was sooo gross ,it was actually nauseating.

Last night when Eva left it was 7 o clock. I look around to see what I have for dinner. Ugh....Nothing except those disgusting leftovers.

I got the brilliant plan to throw it all in the colander, turn on the sprayer and rinse the damn gravy off of it. Then I heated it all up with a can of sauerkraut .

Imagine my surprise when it turned out awesomely delicious! WOO HOO!

Next time, I'm making it like that to begin with. Bon appetite :)


I have no pictures to post today. It seems so bland without them.

"Do I look stupid?"

"Not as stupid as me."

I hope to get my chores done and be on the boat this afternoon.

Have a great Saturday Ya'll!

Luv me


Anonymous said...

Be careful on those attic stairs - take your time - they are steep. Great cat pics. Their fur is really, really fine looking. You must give them cat vitamins, or maybe it's the whipped cream. Get a rope off the boat and lower the boxes from the attic with the rope. G5

simonsays said...

You are so busy!

Be careful on the stairs, they really suck...I remember once when I "slipped" down a few steps like those..ugh.

Love the kitty pics, and hope you got out on the boat yesterday.

I think it's so sweet that your youngest called you...I never care either if mine wake me up...

Happy Sunday. Hugs. :)