Wednesday, April 29, 2009

It's my precious's birthday......

Happy Birthday to Soul!

I think she's 29 today.


Good Lord! Somebody stop me. I remember what it was that I USED to do BS (before smoking) apparently it was frekin' EATING!

Me, last night. UGH!!!

I need to have my jaw wired shut now.


Gary Sinese.

I've liked him ever since Forrest Gump. Yet every time I see him something nags at me . He looks SO familiar. WHO in the hell does he remind me of?? It drives me nuts.

The other night I was watching CSI and BLAMMO ! It hit me.

He looks just like the Geiko lizard.


Mystery solved!


I'm off to freeze and /or throw away anything edible in this house.

I wonder if cat chow is good for snacking?

Happy humpday peeps!

Luv me

P.S. Check this out!!

— This dude in Illinois hand crafts these cool beer pong tables that transform into a bag set and collapse into a briefcase for storage and transport. Pretty damn sweet! He also custom paints them!


Anonymous said...

Holy crap! Gary does look like the geiko!

This whole post made me snort *she typed as she shoved handfulls od baked cheetos in her mouth*

SOUL: said...

LOL-- great post---

i think i may have snorted tewww.

i've been eatin like a pig myself and i still smoke. wth???

congrats to you!
they say 28 days makes a habit-- so stick with it !!!

luv me

Brad said...

I think Soul tried to pull my leg and tell me she was 3 years younger then me. But now since I'm 32 I'll just shut up about it.

proud of you for not smoking!


Anonymous said...

Actually one can snack on cat food. It is very non-fattening and high in protein. Some brands taste funny but be warned, if you eat a lot of it you will grow fur on your arms and the backs of your hands. G5

SOUL: said...

ps-- that is a GECKO ! NOT a lizard.
get with it .
and what's with the new geico commercials? ya can't even identify that damn eyeball thing they use now. the gross cavemen were better than that-- of course i am in love with the gecko.
i should write them a letter.
ok i'm done