Sunday, May 3, 2009

Here's yer sign.........


I have been awake since 2 frekin' 30 . I finally gave up around 4 and got up and made coffee.

I think I'm a nervous wreck about the wedding.(My youngest is getting married in one month!)

Andddd, the absolutely hideous thunderstorms we were having. I am not usually afraid of storms ,but all day yesterday and all night last night we had some BAD storms. The thunder lasted so long, I had to ask my self "does that sound like a train?"

That's what they always say a tornado sounds like.

Now that I'm ruined for the day ,it sounds like they are over.


Hubby took the camera with him to London! Thanks hubby:)

I have had tons of trouble trying to post this thing. It is on the movie twice. Once the song ends, it repeats the same pictures. Gah!


"What? "

Cavuto in his new girly bed.
He has no shame.

He's also chewed a nice bald spot into his stomach.
I told hubby about it.

He said "Put some salve on it." (that's the old man term for antibiotic ointment)

"Put a bandaid on it for a week."

Well, that didn't work out too well.

I think "salve" is like ipecac for cats.

Yeah. So ,the little knucklehead is going to the Vet Monday.

Have a great day ya'll!

Luv me


Anonymous said...

Maybe all the thunder and lightning woke you up. But anyway, if you stay up till 2:30 am, I guarantee you will sleep like a brick. I know I do but I don't regain consciousness till about 10 and don't have a pulse till about 11. Good idea to take Cavuto to the vet - looks like extreme nervousness and I don't know why he would be nervous - but perhaps all the thunder? Some household medicines and salves not good for cats and can make them very sick. So good to let the vet treat him. Maybe all this rain will clear the dam pollen out of the air so I can clean and wax my boat. I refuse to do it till all the pollen has quit. G5

Anonymous said...

I do not know why you are nervous about the wedding. You are the groom's mother, not the bride's mother. All you have to do is go and have a good time. There is a big advantage to having sons for kids. G5

Dear Liza said...

Poor Cavuto...salve---teehee. Men!

Sleep better and happy to hear you sounding like you.

Hugs, friend.

SOUL: said...

go on, make me feel even more guilty for not takin eevee to the vet YET. she really needs to go ASAP. i think i'll make the appointment today. that "thing" is hard as a rock now. i am almost certain it's a tumah. i'm very woried about her. i'm sure hubby is too-- thing is-- when he worries-- he avoids. we won't even have to pay for it--so that's not the problem. well, we pay, but the other "owners" will reimburse any fees. i remind him at least weekly to take her in.. he claims he has no time. umm excuse me.. you were just OFF for a WEEK. ugh.
this is a male bashing post, right?
oh, sorry, my bad.
anyhow-- cavuto must just be bored. give that baby some attention! bad mama.
luv me.

Brad said...

Nice pics - thanks to hubby.

And you have the cat pulling his hair out - wonderful! What next?

When is the wedding ? We really need to catch up...

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