Tuesday, May 19, 2009

WTH,sign of the times?

Inadvertent Parallax...

one day I'm frustrated with life fed up with the strife
the day in, day out, make ends and pay out, write checks, pay rent

what's it all for anyways?

what's it mean in the end? What lies around the bend?
who's got the time, patience or an ear to lend?

who cares? what gives? who really dares to live?
who's got the idea that is going to save us all the trouble?

who's going to drop the ball? where does the time go?
why should this rhyme or flow? I don't know

the next day I sit down and pluck my acoustic
and suddenly the glue sticks, I'm fixed

I'm happy about nothing and nothing makes me happier
than stepping outside, enjoying the ride

I take a deep breath, with eyes open wide
something makes sense but not dollars and cents

we're all just dangling from a chain of events
wandering aimlessly and pondering endlessly

binge and purge, sin and splurge, I get the urge
then I'm back on track, no looking back

ready to learn and willing to teach
the sky is the limit so it's there we should reach

you don't know what you have until you lose it
I'm talking about your mind, so use it!

it's a terrible thing to waste, often a hard thing to face
but when it burns out there is no replacement

I'm intrigued by the extreme opposites I find
in case that wasn't painfully apparent in my rhymes

variety, she is absolutely the spice of life
without her, mundane lethargy fillets like a knife

bored to the bone, to the core, without something new
it's easier regretting what you did than what you didn't do

embrace change, sensation and the ones you love
your fate is in your hands so take off the rubber gloves.


Anonymous said...

what ?? aj

Dear Liza said...

Talent. Your boy has talent.


Anonymous said...

Wes is very good. He should be published - or at least write songs. He asks 'what is it all for?' and ' where does it all end?' The lad needs to go to church and find out. CH RCH. What is missing? U are. G5

SOUL: said...

i knew that was wes-- i was gonna ask-- i didn't see where you said he wrote it tho-- anyhow it sounds a lot like the other one that he sang... i can't think of the name right now-- i still have it on cd tho-- that one is one he could surely get on the radio-- this one too. i wish i could write like him. i can't even write like me anymore. he really should send in some demo tapes to somewhere. he is awesome.