Thursday, May 28, 2009

Gorilla in heels...or damn,I'm screwed

Blogger Nocturnal Queen said...

Cute shoes. :-)


Blogger Brad said...

Well now when people tell me I walk funny I'll just tell them it's "Sexy & Sassy"

Yeah, I need a LOT of work on my sexy strut. We got whipped for even thinking sexy.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Did you notice any problem with the first demonstration (of "wobbly ankles")???? I couldn't notice a difference between that one and the "good" one at the end. It all seems made up to me :)

Blogger Smocha said...

I'll have someone video ME trying to walk in mine. LOL

Yeah, I don't think I saw any wobbly ankles. I'm sure "I" can wobble better than that!

Well, I did it myself. For some reason I thought this would only video my feet. The camera was down on the floor on the gorilla pod. WTH?

So, ignore the outfit. I put my sleeping pants on and oh ...just shut up.

Thanks MOM! I rock as a sexy woman. Bwa ha ha !!!!!


myomyohi said...

Sexy mama

Anonymous said...

The shoes do look very nice. You look like you are walking a tightrope or a cop is having you take a sobriety test in the street. Make another video where you are just walking so we can all properly evaluate. Do not walk the tightrope at the wedding - everyone will think you have had too much champagne,beer or whicky. G5

Nocturnal Queen said...

lol That's fantastic! You crack me up. I too have worn shoes that I had to grip with my toes. :-/

Golden To Silver Val said...

Cute shoes. Hard for me to believe that I used to LIVE in 3" heels. I doubt I could walk across the room in them now. just have NO idea.

Brad said...

Where is your hair? Tell me you have your hair up and didnt cut it or anything? Where's your damned hair?

Alright, I'll go breath into a paper bag.

Seriously, I hear ballet slippers are the latest thing - consider it - breaking your neck for beauty isn't attractive.