Saturday, May 23, 2009

Holiday weekend bleah

Hi ya'll,

How's your Holiday weekend going? I had hoped to spend mine out on the boat (finally) basting myself to a crinkly brown.Naturally ,the weather turned to crap . Yesterdays chance of rain was only 50 percent.

The boat was just un-winterized a few days ago. So I had not taken it out yet this year. The first time always makes me a nervous wreck. Like,maybe I forgot how to drive and will wreck right into the dock or something.(I'm full of self confidence like that) I was hoping that Floozie2 and her hubs would be taking their boat out so I wouldn't have to go alone. But they did not. About one o'clock I bit the bullet and made myself go face the fear.

I got out there ,it was windy , cloudy and only about 70 degrees. The water was rough as hell because of the wind. I decided to stick close to home because

A. I didn't know how charged up the battery was.

B. I have no anchor strong enough to hold the boat when the wind and water is that rough.

C.I wasn't sure if the sky was going to bust out with a huge thunderstorm at any moment.

So, I went out in the open water ,killed the motor and just drifted. (was blown)
This was also the first time I have been one the boat as a non-smoker. I must say ,cigarettes DID cross my mind a few times. :(

I digress, once I was out there the sun came out for the most part and it would have been quite enjoyable if not for the damn wind. The wind was whipping my bangs into my eyes repeatedly . pretty soon my eye was watering and would not stop watering. I searched the boat for some kind of barrette or something. No luck. Then inspiration .......I spot a blue chip clip. I used that thing to pin my bangs up on the top of my head. (I was desperate) No one's going to see me out there, right?

Wrong. About an hour later some guy pulls right up next to me on a jet ski "can you tell me how to get to the dam?"

Oh sure. After he left ,it occurred to me what a vision of loveliness I must have been with my raccoon eyes from mascara watering and my chip clip right at the front of my head.
Don't hate me because I'm beautiful. Bwa ha ha!

Turn your sound down. The wind drowns out what I was saying anyway.

Luckily it did not thunderstorm and I did not wreck the boat. A successful first day.


The thrill of a new box!

Woo hoo!!!!


Have a great day peeps!

Luv me


Dear Liza said...


Chip clip head, I can picture it now..
Happy Sunday.

Hugs. :)

Anonymous said...

We've had 3 inches of rain today and it's still coming down! My yard and garden have floated away. aj

desert dirt diva said...

lol, I'll bring the sun with me.....

Anonymous said...

No pics of the fancy bang lifter? Glad you took the boat out. The worst thing you can do to a severely discharged battery (like it's been sitting all winter) is to start up and drive for just a few minutes then shut it down. It has to do all that work to start the engine again. First time out, run the thang for a good 20 mins to get a good charge on the battery, then you can do as you please. But - you made it and that is good. We went out on the boat Sat. afternoon and nobody took sunscreen but all got a nice start on a tan - altho cloudy there was sun rays coming thru. G5