Saturday, May 9, 2009

Happy Birthday Poodles!!

Desert dirt diva called me this morning as she was waiting to get into Disneyland to celebrate her Birthday.

I wish I was there Poops!

Happy Birthday to the happiest friend on earth!


When my youngest son Logan was a baby (back in the 80's) people would say "Oh he's so cute! He looks like one of those little troll dolls."

It's kind of been a family joke over the years, to give him a little troll doll for a birthday or Christmas every now and then.

Well, picture it....yesterday I was in some thrift store when I spot the ultimate "troll gag!"

I was cackling out loud when I spotted them because I had to think "OMG! the perfect wedding cake topper!"

Bwa ha ha !!

We love you Logan!!

Sorry ,I have a warped sense of humor.I thought it was hilarious.


Ever have a "bad everything day" ? Sort of like the famed "bad hair day" only this is bad hair ,skin broken out in pimples,wrinkles ,pasty white and /or all of the above. Your fat clothes are tight . Your whiskery legs are snagging on your pants .Your rough feet snag on your socks.Your nails are half painted with old chipped off polish and every gray hair on your root covered head is kinky and sticking up ,shouting "look at ME!" "look at me, I'm hideous!!!"

THAT's a "Bad everything day" I had one of those yesterday.

It was sooo bad I went to the next town over to run my errands ,because GOD forbid I should run into anyone I know.

Please don't let me look like this when it's time for the wedding.


Don't you think the name Cletis sounds too much like clitoris? Who would name their kid that?
Seriously. Oh yeah.....some one in Arkansas. That's who.


Highlight of the bad everything day......

I got this little Dooney bag for $ 1.00

ONE dollah!!!


I'll be back later with some pictures from the Florida keys. Wes was supposed to write us a trip report but at some point him and his brother were fist fighting in the streets of Key West .It involved a strip club and one brother choking the other one on the ground.

I think we can all do with just the pictures. Shall we.

Have a great Saturday peeps!

Luv me


Creative Problem Solver said...

You make brawling in the streets sound like a bad thing :)

SOUL: said...

hi weis-- i remember those days , doin the same thing with your mom-- don't let her make ya feel bad. haha.

anyhow-- your bag is a fake.
the trolls are cute-
and why does SHE get disneyland--and I got smeagol on the shitter? i see who you really love.

love you
luv me

Anonymous said...

Did you have her greeting put up? Neat idea! aj

Anonymous said...

I was curious so I did a search on Cletis Smith; Randomly searched, and found, in al, az, col, ct, il, ks, md, ny, pa, tn, wa...... aj

Mary said...

Key West can cause strange things to happen. Fun town, though.

Anonymous said...

Well, it's not just me and that's good. I haunt the Univ of Oklahoma sports boards and there is one guy with a user name of Cletus. I always thought that sounds too much like clitoris and laugh every time I see the user name. I say guy but maybe it's a 20 yr old blonde and she's trying to say something, but prolly not. I guess boys never quite grow up - fighting in the streets - hope they didn't get arrested. G5

Anonymous said...

Solution for perceived ugliness: go to a spa, get the entire treatment - pedicure to hairdo. You will feel beautiful and look like a million dollars. G5

SOUL: said...

happy mothers day poops
luv me

desert dirt diva said...

Happy mothers day my friend... and thank you for your good wishes.. are you home???

myomyohi said...

Happy Mother's Day to us all.