Monday, April 27, 2009

Is that a donkey I hear?

Hi strangers!

Yes, I know I've been a terribly negligent blogger lately. I have been consumed with that thing I'm not supposed to talk about.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Isn't your husband just wonderful to tidy all that computer stuff up for you so you and the cats can lounge away without any interference.


Cavuto's world makes me homesick.

April 26, 2009 10:31 AM

That was my husbands comment. The first time he has EVER commented on my blog :)

I hope that every day will become easier and easier until I no longer even think of it.


Yesterday I had a girls day out. My friend Eva and I went and saw a play "The glass menagerie" all the other plays I have seen in this town have been comedies. This one was a tragedy . I have to say I prefer the comedies.

After the play we went and had a cheap dinner at outback. Salads and baked potatoes. Which was quite delicious ,actually.

Then we took Cavuto for his walk and cackled like lunatics.That's Eva walking Cavuto. I sound exactly like my sister, Soul. lol

Yes, we (Soul and I) do have such soft ladylike laughs. Err..I mean cackles.
What can I say ? We are delicate southern flowers.Bwa ha ha

We had a good time.I hope my sister is having enough fun on her vacation to cackle:)

Hubby sent me these pictures of my little English babies. :(

These are the sights that I see on my walk.

Old hags having a grand old time walkin' the cat.


Some of my chillun's are in Key West right now. Man, would I love to be there!
They even offered to buy me a ticket to go. SOOOO TEMPTING.

But there was several kids going. With one cabin and one tent.

I had visions of my old lady self being stuck in "partay-ville" with no place to sleep, unable to yell at kids that weren't mine "be quiet you! I need my nap!"

So, reluctantly I had to decline. Wes will write us a detailed trip report when they get home . I can't wait to read all about it.

Have a great day peeps!

Luv me


Brad said...

Well the Euro-cats sure look all happy and smiley. Couldn't tell what Mr. Cav thought about his daily airing.

My Mom's advice to quit smoking was: Just tell your self your not a smoker" Yeah, she's a lot of help!

desert dirt diva said...

looks likethe babies are doing good, and you and eva are having a great time...

Anonymous said...

Key West? Wow! You woulda had a good time but no, you would not get any sleep. So, you were wise not to go. G5

Anonymous said...

It's my first day back from the trip to the keys. Believe it or not, I got sick while I was down there. As did most everybody who went.

Why is it that every time I leave Jacksonville, I get a freakin' COLD!?!?!?!?

Anyways, I still had a great time. You had better not pansy out of next year's trip Carl!

You can take your nap on the beach. That's what we all did.

Love ya!

Anonymous said...

Your so LUCKY to have someone make sure you and Kitties can sleep the Days AWAY, and good Luck on the NON Smoking, HUBBY should be glad when you Visit in London !!! LUCKY too have a DONKEY Like HIM!!! LOLOL