Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Random crap....

Hi ya'll,

Well, good thing I didn't sell all of my fat clothes. Here it is 22 of not smoking and I bet I've gained 10 pounds already. My stretch marks have cellulite.

Yeah, that IS f'n depressing.

I am totally sad and depressed. I'm fat ,I'm hideous, I can't smoke, I'm all alone, my hair is beyond repulsive, I don't have a job, it's not spring yet....bla bla bla...yackity smackity.

Yet as miserable as I am, when I think that if I were in England with my husband, poor Cavuto would STILL be in quarantine.Through snow and everything.Then I realize how much MORE miserable I could be. Ahh , sometimes the bright side just sucks too.

What are ya' gonna do? Suck it up and get on wit yo bad self.

I'm sooo behind on blogging. Not that you've missed anything. Quitting smoking is quite the life consuming project.

I've spent lots of time in my bed. I've drug out my errands all day long (on several days),I've read tons of books, eaten tons of pens,pencils,cinnamon sticks,straws and tooth picks.I've squeezed lots of play-doh .

I still have the urge to go get some cigarettes. But I manage to NOT do it day after the next. Ugh. I hope to feel ok... someday.... SOON!!!!!


That damn "lone" fish is still alive. Every morning I wake up expecting to find him "belly up" but nope. When I walk by he will be up at the top of the bowl sucking air, like he's about to die.
Then when he doesn't know I'm watching he'll be swimming around like he's an exhibit at Seaworld.

I think he's messing with my feeble mind on purpose. And what a pain it is to care for one stupid fish. Who knew?

My husband said "why don't you just flush him down the toilet?"

"Um ...NO! Can you imagine what a hideous death THAT would be ?"

Besides Cavuto likes him ,when the water is clean enough to see him.


I tried on my purple dress that I was going to wear for the wedding.
My friend Eva said "it looked like crap! "

It did not fit right. (just like everything else)

So I got a new dress. The one in the pic. I have no idea what it will look like by June. I could weigh 300 pounds by then. God forbid!


On that note, Cavuto ,my little quarantine refugee is also getting fat.

"wha? I'm not fat. I'm fluffy."


Some books worth reading!

They were all good. time to make dinner though so No book reports:)

Happy humpday!


Brad said...

Hey baby - you were posting while I was reading your sons post - How ya doing? I promise to post something with in the next 24 hours - cross my heart - I'm being a lazy sh*t - Sun is shining here today and I'm headed out of the office to go play in the garden some before dark.

Golden To Silver Val said...

I'm proud of you!!! Think of all the money you've saved. Not to mention wear and tear on your poor lungs. You can do this! If you can remember...try and drink a big glass of water instead of munching on something...or have an apple...or something else that takes a while to chew and won't put the pounds on. ( can't do chewing tobacco!!) I will admit I gained weight when I quit but I was shoving everything in my mouth that didn't run away fast enough. Learn from my mistake. LOLOLOLOLOLOL

Anonymous said...

If you'd stayed in England, I'm betting Cavuto would have died. The 25 years I smoked, I tried several time to quit. So believe you me, as long as you're craving a cig you probably will relaspe. Tell yourself it is not an option. Dress is beautiful! Hang in there on not smoking! Today on Rush he came out and said 'it's low life who smoke, mostly poor people'... Hang in there and don't dwell on it! aj

desert dirt diva said...

yea cavuto looks great, and i'm so proud of you for not smokin.. i must start that feet.. which i'm not looking forward bron chitits is killing me , my ribs are hurting me.....i canb't sleep at night because i keep coughing but do u think i can put them damn cigs down....NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO......but i am smoking way less.....

Anonymous said...

Desert diva - stop now before you have to drag an oxygen tank around behind you and can't walk more than 50 feet without sitting down to catch your breath. Smocha - congrats, you are doing wonderfully. Smoking speeds metabolism - so does exercising. So take Cavuto on long walks and take deep breaths of that fresh air. Cavuto would love it. If you were still in England by now Cavuto would be dead and buried - you saved his life and in many ways it is better to be alone when you stop sucking on the burning weed. Hang in there! G5

Anonymous said...

Yhe dress is a great choice. Wear it. It is elegant. G5

Anonymous said...

When the little goldfish sees you it comes to the surface to beg for food. Just like a dog. When you are not near he just goes about his business. Must be a tough fish. Keep him. G5

Creative Problem Solver said...

Hey Ma,
Listen to G5. He's right about everything haha. I was going to say the same thing. Nicotine, the stimulant boosts your metabolism and so does exercise. Exercise is the glue that holds everything together. There's simply no way to live a good life without it! Just like with smoking cigarettes, humming to yourself, talking to cats, and eating at that mexican place, exercising will become a habit. You'll do it without even thinking about it, and your mind & body will reap the rewards.

A smoking relapse is simply not an option! Think of all the horrors you've faced quitting so far. Smoking a single cig will NEGATE EVERY AGONIZING SECOND!!!

Stick with it! Love ya!