Thursday, August 21, 2008

The new digs.....

One of 2 things going on here....
either the rooms are so small that you can not back up enough to take a picture OR
my husband is a really terrible photographer.

I think it's the first one.


Anonymous said...

I like! a patio to boot! Think positive my dear! auntie j

Brad said...

I think Hubby did a great job. It looks like a cozy place. I think rooms are smaller over there, consider the size of that small island!

myomyohi said...

At least it has a bit of a view, and a spot you can wash dishes, and do laundry all the while saving the time walking back and forth from the kitchen to the laundry room.

Once you get over there, and your hubby decides if he loves his new job or not, you can start looking for something you like better.

Mary said...

The new digs look neat. Hubby did just fine. At least everything looks clean. You can cook and do laundry and it looks like you can close the gate for privacy. I'm sure it's small but just less to furnish and keep clean. I think it'll be really pretty when it gets your touch.

desert dirt diva said...

oh my god is that a washer in your kitchen????you even have a little lawn...looks really cute!

Anonymous said...

Hub did great. The place is cute and new and clean. A real bonus is the little back yard area. You can grow veggies! The cats will love exploring a new place. It is exciting but still wish you and hub were not going. G5
PS There is nothing better than clothes dried outside - so fresh and great smelling! It prolly doesnt get cold enuf there for the clothes to freeze solid like they did when I was a young pup in Oklahoma. When we got the sheets off the line it was like carrying sheets of plywood into the house.

simonsays said...

I LOVE it! You are going to have so much fun that a washing machine in the kitchen? It's totally awesome...

When are you going over there?

Have an awesome Friday.



SOUL: said...

how adorable ! i love the back yard area too.
i also like that you aren't all crammed in in the back .. you have all that space back there with no houses etc. how kewl. :))

how many bedrooms?
is there a guest room?
hint hint.

as for the tat-- that's a lot of ink... owwwww.
not sure which one i like-- but that's a lot of ink-- how big are you lookin at??

i still want to do some cover up on mine. maybe soulkids name? not sure. but somethin different.

anyhoo-- have you considered my offer?
lemmee know. btw-- days were wrong-- you'd return on the 9th iff'n ya wanted. not 10th. AND-- flyin out of dfw-- would be cheaper than goin out of LR. just a thought.

or-- i could drive you home-- if your other plans change. and stay a few there.

definitely need to talk more eh?

happy friday-

and ya-- when DO you leave?

Anonymous said...

Nice Job...
Its something to look forward too, for sure.
Your Man did a great job...
I bet it wont be long before you have a cockney

SOUL: said...

wussup today--where are you-- did you sell your car???
i'm hungry--
and lazy.
i love the last pic on this post btw--
luv me

London Southern Belle said...

thanks for the blog comment :) Your place looks most homes in england (including the one we just put an offer on!) :) I hope you like took some time for me to get use to it, but I would never leave!

What part of england are you moving to?

London Southern Belle