Thursday, August 14, 2008

The night baby is gone....

Happy Friday peeps,

I had all kinds of problems getting anything uploaded.We weren't really drunk. My mad filming skills just make it look that way. We were really just having a blast.

Yesterday Auntie J and her hubby came down to see my spouse before he leaves. Her and I went thrift shopping (and found zip,BTW) the men went out on the boat and then we picked up some bar-b-q for lunch. THAT was my mistake. As soon as I ate ,I was sick again. gah!
For the rest of the day. We were supposed to be over at Floozie2's at 6 P.M.
They had made a "going away " dinner for my hubby .

Floozie 2 really put out a spread too. they had pulled pork, chicken, salmon, broccoli casserole, Nosey's famous olive bread, home made mac and cheese, apple salad, rolls, brownies. I'm probably forgetting something. I was so sick ,I couldn't even eat macaroni and cheese.

Nosey and G5 were there, with their son and 2 grandsons .(age's 2 and 4 )
They have a 6 year old son as well.. He didn't come because school just started.

We have the best neighbors EVAH!

Today ,we did nothing much. Lazed around for most of the day. Now my hubby is packing. *sniffle*

He ALWAYS waits until the last minute. I could never do such a thing!
He's off for England tomorrow. We actually got an email this morning from a Realtor who said "oh, the cats should be NO problem."
I hope she means that:)

The rest of this is day before yesterday.....the ONLY day we got to go out on the boat. We had a great time.

The Capitan smiles...really ..he does.

Ahhhh...this is the life:)

A beautiful day in the neighborhood.

Yet another well done steak.....they refused to take it back. I said "great , give me a to go box ,maybe my cats will eat it."

The fishy-est mahi mahi I've ever tasted!


Design PR said...

haha, drunkards!
how could they refuse to take your steak back?!

desert dirt diva said...

I remember when that steak was not done used to like it burnt burnt burnt!!!!lol, yes and that is the wife of my dear spoilt friend..:))

SOUL: said...

things that make ya go hmmmm.

byeeeeeeeee hubster-

SOUL: said...

DD.. you just cut the line! i was typin before you posted-- :))

desert dirt diva said...

yep soul.. how funny......Bye scott.......hmmmmmmmmm.. call me if ya need to talk... love ya whichbag, your poodles

Anonymous said...

Looks like whoever held the camera was drunk. If the meds are causing nausea, just stop taking the meds. You havent been on the meds long enuf anyway to make a difference. We will all miss Mr Hubby. G5

simonsays said...

I LOVED these videos...they made me laugh.

You sound so very much like your sis...

Thanks for sharing. I miss my boat, my old life sometimes...


desert dirt diva said...

update this thing and then go comment

desert dirt diva said...

correction is the spoiled ass wife....sorry pooooooops =D