Sunday, August 3, 2008

I think I need a pocket knife for my birthday.....

Happy Sunday Ya'll,

( Ignore the damn underlining)

Yesterday I was a lazy bum. I took the boat out . Went to party cove.There were quite a few boats anchored up. I found my self a decent spot. Put out 2 anchors,put down the ladder, got my raft and cooler all set up. As I was laying there in my raft IN the water,it was so hot out ,my eyes were stinging because they were pooling up with sweat.

Pretty soon I realize the damn anchors are NOT holding. Dammit. I was drifting FAST ,right toward the shore.If you get too shallow the propeller will be hitting the ground.I was too close to the shore to pull the anchors up.(no time) In my haste to hurry up and get away from the shore,I forgot to pull my raft up.

I started the boat and about 3 second later died. Oh shit. I went back there and looked and what do I see?
The rope (attached to my raft) is wrapped all around the propeller. And the raft is wedged under the back of the boat as well.Great.

I looked in every nook and cranny of the boat for a knife. No luck. "WHY do we not have a knife on this boat?"

I considered yelling out to someone "hey do you have a knife?" But embarrassment won out . Instead after about 20 minutes of brute strength and stepping on the rope a lot,I was able to unwrap the whole stupid rope and free the raft as well.Good times :)

By then I had drifted a couple feet away from the shore and was able to start the boat without destroying the propeller.
The anchors still refused to hold. After pulling the damn things up and moving about 4 more times. I had had enough fun for one day. ack!

Note to self: Get a new anchor!!A BIG one.

Last night the boat dealer had a big party called "Margaritaville"

They had a band and catered food and margaritas.Eva and I went and so did Noesy and G5.

Apparently people can not afford to buy boats until they reach the golden years. Eva and I were among about 10 people under the age of 60.

The party was held outside and needless to say ,it was still roasting hot. Nothing says party like sweating like pigs.

Eva went and asked this guy to dance. Believe it or not HE was the best looking guy there.
Welcome to Arkansas:)

I asked some elderly drunk lady to take our picture.

(awful!) Sweaty pigs:)

And yes ,that's a big ole band aide on my forehead.

Dang, I forgot to get a picture of Nosey and G5.

Today it is supposed to 105 with a heat index of 115.

I think I shall be staying IN all day and cleaning my pig sty. Fun Fun Fun:)

Have a great Sunday peeps!

Luv me


Anonymous said...

good pic of you... can't get past eva's boobs to say how she looks! next few days over 100, so stay cool! if you want to sweat, come help us in the garden! auntie j

Anonymous said...

Envy,envy,envy...anchor angst,and are FAR from

Call me...Mentl

Anonymous said...

while the rich and famous people who own those fancy boats were living the high life...I was cleaning the house and moving around my pictures...which I know you heard me pounding thru the wall. I made a new dust ruffle for my bed for $20!!!! Will work on the pillow shams and throw pillow next week. Ir looks like you had fun. Sweaty!!! Lake Farmer gets home today.
Floozie 2

desert dirt diva said...

i told you to get that anchor, and you said NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO it was to damn big.....hindsight and all,lol...looks like ya all had fun!

simonsays said...

Well holy are quite strong and resourceful, I am duly impressed.

I hope you have had a good weekend, that you are sitting in a clean house about now, in the AC.



SOUL: said...

how many anchors will this make it? like five? LOL
and a knife.
my child is a turd btw-- :))
she loves you--
luv us

Brad said...

That Dude's the pic of the litter ? Oh Lord. You all need a man transfusion down there.

SOUL: said...

a man transfusion HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!