Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Men can't pack.......

Happy Tuesday peeps,

Yesterday my original plan was to stay home and clean. Floozie1 called me around 9 and was actually free to go have lunch. Her husband is under hospice care at home now so she rarely gets to leave the house.
Obviously, lunch was more important then cleaning:)
Once I was out I had to go to a few thrift stores, the library, the liquor store,the car wash and the grocery store. That's usually how exciting my days are.

It is so damn hot!106 degrees~ I did not touch the inside of the truck. Just went thru the auto carwash.

Then I spent hours putting ads on the internet to sell the little car. Yep, we finally decided NOT to ship it over to England.
Last night I asked my husband if he had thought of what he needed to bring over there. You know , like living essentials. Sheets , coffee makers, etc..
His reply "Dress clothes , computer cables ,routers and such. "

Ahhh , the really important stuff. ACK!Save me!

He leaves for England in less than 2 weeks. Yikes! It's really happening.

In the middle of the night last night ,I heard this huge crashing sound. I thought it sounded like Cavuto fell into the bathtub.
I ignored it and went back to sleep.

When I got up this morning ......this is what I saw

I was confused at first ,because it looked like a bowl of cat food.
It's actually a sea urchin that WAS filled with some kind of potpourri.Now it's broken garbage.

And a nice fake plant that may or may not be ruined.

Good job Grace.

I actually found a few things at the thrift store, for the first time in ages.

Cute picture frame , still sporting the 2 dollar price tag.

2 Cute cat plaques.

And a cute candle holder.

I MUST force myself to get my list made and get this house back in order before my hubby gets home. He gets home Saturday.How does ONE person make such a mess??

Maybe the cats did it.

Hope you guys have a great day!

Luv me


Anonymous said...

Love the staying together plague! what r u doing w/truck and boat? auntie j

Brillig said...

Ugh! You're right. Men are wholly incapable of packing. We moved last month. We didn't move all the way to England or anything-- just from Utah to Colorado. Still, it was a huge move for us. And Hubby? Packed a few of his clothes. THAT IS ALL. Hahaha. Thank GOODNESS he has me. He'd die without me-- I'm just not sure he knows that. :-D

myomyohi said...

I'm sure you won't have a problem selling the car. It's very nice.

Mary said...

Men and packing are not compatible - not in the practical sense.

In hubby's defense, if your home-away-from-home hasn't been settled, he may not know exactly what is needed. I hope he doesn't have to be a bag-boy in a foreign land.

Hang in there, kid, it'll all work out.

Anonymous said...

Sad to see you are selling that cute little car. Streets are narrow in England and it would do well there. No fat cars in England. Men think in terms of priorities and hubby has listed the 2 top ones - dress clothes and computer stuff. All the rest is details. G5

Smocha said...

Mornin' ya'll,

Aunti J , we are keeping the truck and the boat.

Brillig, Ditto that! Mine would too:)
Thanks for stopping by and the link.

Myoh, I sure hope we sell it while he's home! I don't want that responsibility.

Mary, After checking the shipping rates yesterday , I'm all for packing light! Nearly 300 dollars for 50 pounds of stuff. That's awful!

G5, It's almost as if they DON"T think. LOL Good thing I'm here to handle the "details" :)

Golden To Silver Val said...

I hate things that go "bump in the night". LOL...and I rarely get up to investigate either unless its REALLY loud.

SOUL: said...

goo-lawd-- how the hell are you supposed to ship a whole household over there at those rates?
or will you??

are you gonna have a gigantoid moving sale--- or store it-- or what?? where will you keep the boat and truck??

wow-- just the thought shiverz me timberz. :O

btw- did i give you that sea urchin? if not, i used to have one just like it. if i did-- bummer.

happy humpday.

myomyohi said...

Can't hubby's company export department handle the move? We do for our peeps... However, they normally don't take all their furniture and such...