Friday, August 8, 2008


Anonymous said...

When my (ahem) mother went through the change she was pms-ing for 5 years...during that time she stold my car for three days! had all her teeth removed for much needed dentures, and on top of that, I made her quit her nose spray addiction(no wonder she stold my car!)
I have p.m.s. bad,too.I know its coming when little things make me cry, or I fly off at nothing at all.
I was thinking the other day, that we, as women are VERY complex beings, we barely understand ourselves, then we have to try to understand men on top of that...crap! no wonder we are insane (at least once a month) its Gods way of keeping us sane the other 75% of the time.


Smocha said...

Ditto that!

Men are so simple.:)