Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Your metaphor is digging into my cankles......

Happy Tuesday Ya'll,

I've been spending my days searching England for used furniture and ignoring my house ,which is slowly beginning to resemble a land fill.

My husband would not know how to spot a bargain if it slapped him in the face.Frankly ,I'm worried sick about HIM having to pretty much buy EVERYTHING,from a can opener to a couch.We could be in the poor house before he's through.

I need to be over there NOW!!The cable people are coming in a few days which means he has to buy a t.v. *shudder* is he going to buy a cheap one? Ummm.. I seriously doubt it. I'm having daymares of a 50 inch, plasma flat screen .

He did tell me "don't bother looking for a table and chairs for dining ,because there is no where to put one."

WTH? Who would build apartments with no place to eat?Are we supposed to stand around hanging over the kitchen counter?
Well, I guess that will be money saved. :)

Seriously, I am not used to worrying(any more). LOL I am not liking it.

Oh yeah, also ..that thing that the doctor burned off my forehead.....now that it's healed , guess what? The damn thing is still there!And I will only have health insurance for 4 more days. yep, then I'll only be covered in England.Isn't that special.

I'm going to have to take the "little car" for a drive soon, and I'm scared to death to do it. I nearly wrecked it just trying to take it out of the garage the other day.
Apparently ,it's not car buying season.We'll be shipping the thing to England .
Those Miatas seem to be pretty popular over there. My husbands new "team" of guys ...5 of them have a Miata. (and OURS is the cutest) :)

I'm going to Chicago in Oct. to see my chillun's .So that's something to look forward to.Now I just need to snap out of my depressed,worry mode.I hate that!!

I will leave you with some entertaining "stuff"

This is old, but it still cracks me up.


This is Chase no face, a three legged therapy cat with no face. Seriously. It's pretty disturbing to see.


Think you're smart? well think again:) This is fun to play and someone gets free rice.


I am getting my ass kicked in scrabble from coast to coast...


And finally, does YOUR cat have it's own page on Catster? if not ...you better get busy . All the cool cats have one.


have a great day peeps!

Luv me

Um..yeah..Medusa called , she wants her hair back.


Design PR said...

Selling houses, selling cars and getting jobs... none are in season!

More of my friends are unemployed than ever before. (Including one of my roommates! Isn't that special?)

I don't think you're applying yourself in our latest scrabble game. You better get it together, hog!

desert dirt diva said...

hmmmmmmm you need not worry, your hubby will take care of his bride.. and you will love it....going to check out the scrabble thing tho, sounds like fun.. sounds like your world is as about as exciting as mine...oh except, mine is more got nuthing boringer, hmm if thats even a word.....

Anonymous said...

I am sure that there is space in the apt. for at least a table for 2 and 2 chairs. How romantic. When we bought our first house we had a brand new baby and spouse could not travel half way across the country to house shop. So I did it and I had to find one for 5 percent down, which wasnt easy. Found a nice one, big house on a corner, 4 bedrooms - spouse came up right before closing and sat on the floor of the living room and bawled like a baby and said between sobs "You expect me to live here?". Boy, did that make me feel good. G5

simonsays said...

My apartment really is not set up for eating, either. In fact, the kitchen is not TOO set up for cooking, I'm sure the idea there is that you are supposed to eat OUT everyday...um...no. So, I made a place for a table anyway, and it worked okay. Men just don't have the creative thinking skills required. When oh WHEN are you moving there?

You will do just fine moving the car, you worry too much. Although I DO know your family luck...LOL

Have a wonderful Wednesday. I LOVE your Medusa hair...



Anonymous said...

tell me about scrabble... auntie j

Brad said...


"Men just don't have the creative thinking skills required."

how could you say that?

OK, clearly you were talking 'bout 'some' men...

Smoocha - breath baby - breath - it's gonna be ok. - and whats wrong with a 50" plasma? It's prob'ly only 45", you know how men are...

desert dirt diva said...

update my witchbag......

SOUL: said...

i know i commented here too
my comment at jamies disappeared too
how odd
anyhow--- i have ta go--ahhl be baaack
luv me

Anonymous said...

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