Thursday, July 31, 2008

Is that a spot on your lung or are you just happy to see me?

Hi'ya Peeps,

Yesterday , I had said "I'm stuck here waiting for UPS"

I was waiting for important documents which required a signature. :(
After my last experience with FED-EX ...I was not looking forward to a repeat.

I waited around for awhile and then I remembered "oh yeah, UPS doesn't come until late afternoon." So I left to go run my errands .

I get home and there's the dreaded "sorry ,we missed you slip" from UPS ,on my door.

Around 5P.M. my doorbell rings. Shock ME! It is my UPS lady. She came back the SAME day and said "I thought ,she is not going to be home in the middle of the day ,So I figured I'd come back by today."

I could have kissed her! Can you believe this woman? I do not even know her name. I see her quite often at my door though. I am so impressed by her thoughtfulness and her "above and beyond the call of duty" attitude.I am certainly going to find out her name and tell her boss how great I think she is.

YOU rock, my UPS lady! Thank you!

This morning ,I needed to be up early because I had a doctors appointment. Naturally Cavuto let me sleep in until 8:00.

It was just a regular old check up "before England" and the unknown health care system.

My usual attitude towards doctors appointments is : unless I am bleeding,broken or giving birth .....I tend to avoid them.

So, this one was kind of necessary.I tried to make it as short and sweet as possible.

First thing.....was this dreaded instrument of torture.

The last time I went , I refused to get on it. I told the nurse"Nope, sorry , that will make me suicidal."

She took me serious and came in to speak to me about my depressive thoughts. (some people just do not get sarcasm) lol

Just so ya' know though, you CAN refuse to get weighed.

Today , I just bit the bullet and found, to my horror that I weigh 6 pounds MORE on their stinkin' scales than I do on the two fancy ass scales that I have at home.

Sweet, I'm even fatter than I thought.

My doctor came in and I informed him about England and told him "nothing much has changed since I was last here (3 years ago) except ,suddenly I need a 3 hour nap every day and that's just ludicrous.I still haven't been able to quit smoking and this THING on my forehead is growing."

He said that my 3 hour nap is probably due to an under active thyroid. (also a great reason to be fat ,in spite of eating very little)

We'll see when the blood work comes back.

I can NOT look when they do that. *shudder*

Then he listened to my lungs and said "lets get a chest x ray ,stick around until I take a look at it."

This had me a little freaked out. I hadn't said a word about any lung problems.

While I waited for the x ray ,I was imagining all kinds of horrible scenarios.

He finally came back and said "the x ray looks good."

WHEW. Scare me to death .

Then he gave me a prescription for Chantix....supposedly the latest and greatest quit smoking drug.

Desert dirt Diva was able to quit with it. So , maybe I will be able too as well.

This is pretty disgusting in a nice close up view. (*ewww*)
But this is the THING growing on my head.

Scroll by if you don't want to see it.

My doctor said "hmmmm, that looks like it could be *snazzy skin cancer word* which I can not recall, we better get you an appointment with a dermatologist."

His nurse called me this afternoon ,while I was napping. (oh shut up)

My appointment is tomorrow!

I hope that's not a bad/scary sign.

I was totally impressed with my doctor today . He addressed all my concerns and that is sooo damn rare these days.

I am going to write a glowing report to his boss as well.

It's great when people do a wonderful job at whatever it is that they do.
Thank you Doctor!

This afternoon we wound up having an unplanned hen party. Floozie 2 came over, then Nosey came over and then Eva. We all sat around and talked about "girl stuff"

We saw Nosey's pictures from their cruise. They were actual 8x 10 portraits. Absolutely beautiful.

Her and her husband also got a single photo taken of themselves because "we have to think about obituary pictures."
My husband will LOVE the "practicality" of that one.

Once I become friends with 70 year olds they better live until they're 90 ! Just sayin' .....haven't I suffered enough? LOL
No dying ya'll.

So except for my house being a neglected pig was a pretty good day.

Hope that thing on my head is nothin' :0

Hope you guys had a good day.

Good night peeps!


simonsays said...

I hate doctor scales and I had to laugh out loud at the suicidal many times have i wanted to tell them the same thing...

I'm sure the thing growing on your head is fine but I'm happy to hear that you are seeing someone about it. Today really is fast---let us know what they say, K?

Have a really great day.



Anonymous said...

yes, Do let everyone know...Jay and Leslie went on a cruise a couple of years ago. They, too, had an album full of 8x10's. Isn't it nice when people are nice? Chance of rain today. Please, Lord, let it rain! auntie j

desert dirt diva said...

you'll be fine.. still wiating to find out about my spot.. the dot thing should be fine, i can't actually took a picture of your forehead...niceeeeeeee:)

Anonymous said...

All scales in doctor offices are set 8 pounds heavy. I thought you knew that. Makes it easier for them to tell patients they need to lose weight. Good time to stop smokin. If you think ciggies are spensive here wait till you buy some in England. English cigs are so bad they are only fit for kindling in the fireplace. Imported American cigs will bankrupt you quick. Yes, pls tell us about the spot - good thing that you had it looked at. More informal pics of the cruise are coming later this week - 6 rolls of film. G5

Anonymous said...

I am so glad that Smocha has outlawed dying. Now I am exempt. Thank you, thank you. G5

SOUL: said...

you sound pretty good--despite all the negative scenarios-- i have those too ya know-- i can be dead in zero to five ya know. lol.

but anyhow-- lots of words of encouragement here-- you know i woulda tossed my two cents in-- but i haven't had ANY time to cruise around since we got here-- if not sooner.

i have told you for years to get that forhead thing looked at btw-- bout time---- :P

luv me