Thursday, July 3, 2008

Send a maid ....please

Happy Thursday Y'all,

Yesterday was a pretty tame day.
Hubby and son One had work to do (for their jobs,I mean) so Two ,Three and I went thrift-storing ,ate Mexican lunch and spent hours looking at several stores for wake board bindings(the shoe things).

We finally found some but it required buying the unneeded wake board as well.
We all went out on the boat when we got home. Just hung out in old fogey cove and the kids played rummy on the boat.

Later on Hubby cooked salmon on the egg. I was soooo exhausted by then I had to force One to do the dishes.:)

They all played a very noisy game of scrabble and I think I went to bed by 9:30.

Today should be more exciting. we'll be diving for the long gone cell phone and the kids will be wake boarding. It makes me a nervous wreck to watch them do anything dangerous. ack!

I may try it myself (again) but last time I couldn't even stand up. So, we'll see if I feel like being drug face first through the lake or not.

This table sure is nifty.

I don't even remember how to play rummy.

Ohhh fierce concentration going on



trying to find me some shade

calm and hardly any boats . wait til this weekend!

The Skipper

off for home

"I forgot my swim shorts" DOH!

Bevvys and bald heads

"I might look tooo nice if I actually smiled for a picture"

Have a great day peeps!

Luv me


SOUL: said...

i'm happy that you have all your men in one place--with you-- i bet that makes you happy.
everyone looks gooood--- but where are YOU ! why does everyone forget to take pics of the mom?
see why i take pix of my own self?
there would be none of me. but then again.. that might not be so bad.
but get some pics of you on the wakeboard if ya get on it-- especially if you get up--- good lord that is hard.
have you thought of gettin a jet ski?? i'd sure have one if i lived where you do. but --i don't know if it would do you any good in england-- what's the latest on that, anyhow??

aaaaaand wth was that about yesterday??? explain???
luv me

Anonymous said...

thrift storing....... did they not have swim shorts for son 3 ? good pic....agree with soul. I'm the picture taker so I'm never anywhere! Son 3 always looks sooo happy! other 2 take after 'step dad'... can look so serious at times! Anyone for helping me in garden? auntie j

Anonymous said...

Diving for the cell phone. Are you out of your mind? G5

Smocha said...

Ola peeps,

Soul,Yep, nothing in the world makes me happier than having all my slobs together. lol

Today I have 4 females arriving ...surely all with cameras. Maybe someone will actually get a picture of the mom. :)

I was willing to try the wakeboard, but they ALL informed me that the water was too rough. Too many boats . So, maybe the tube today.

Aunty J, He just forgot the swim shorts, here, at the house. You're right about the serious looking sons. lol
Lets see, having fun in the nice cool water or slaving away in the boiling hot sun ,pulling weeds?
Ugh , sorry ...think we have to go with the cool fun.:)

G5 , the phone is only in about 6 feet of water. So far we haven't looked for it yet. Maybe today.

Happy 4th y'all!