Saturday, July 5, 2008

5 kids later....pass some food stamps please

Happy Saturday Peeps!

Our 5 extra kids arrived safely yesterday morning. They came in like a whirlwind. Ah to be young again. :)

They left to go eat breakfast and check into their hotel. Which BTW is pretty ghetto.EVERY hotel, cabin, condo and tent sight in this town was booked up for this weekend . They got the last room in town. I really can't believe this place is such a hot spot.

I went on my daily hundred dollar grocery run while they did all that and told them to be back here at 1:00. they got back here with more beer than I've seen in quite some time.
We all loaded up to go out on the boat.
Floozie2 and Lake Farmer were already out in Old Fogey cove. Then Nosey and G5 came out too. Between the 3 boats and 6 anchors , we were able to stay in one spot even though it was windy as hell.The kids lost 2 pairs of brand new sun glasses and drank a TON of beer before the thunderstorm rolled in and cut our lake time short.

We all came back to the house and they all (except One) got in the hot tub and drank another ton of beer while hubby, One and I made dinner and played scrabble.

About 8:30 they all decided to go back out on the boat. Not me buddy!I was just too tired. I can't keep up with the young any more. I was fast asleep by the time they got back here. So i have no idea what time that was. But I do seem to have gained 2 extra kids during the night. :)
My living room is covered with large sleeping kids.

Tonight we are having a potluck with about 25 people (counting our 8 kids) Then at dark they'll be having fireworks out on the lake. Perhaps I better get myself some NODOZE.
Once hubby and I get the meat cooking we'll all be heading out for the lake. I have to go start evicting kids from the living room so I can clean my (ever present) pigsty:)

Em,Ee and Two.

Lake Farmer, Floozie2 and Hubs

Three looking like he's wearing an old get up from the 20's

Ee,two,Em,One,Erc and Gidget.

One ,who BTW has not had hair since high school. He looks like he's 15 again. :)

Floozie2,Nosey and G5


Erc,Two and Ee

Three and Gidget

Two and Ee

Have a great day Y'all!

Luv me


Anonymous said...

Good pictures! See, I told you son 3 always looks happy! 2 weeks ago I was sleeping til at least 9a. Carol asked me if I were going to get up early during garden season, but I said no. Can't get up early anymore. Well, past 2 weeks I get up 5a. Yesterday I woke up at 430a, lay there thinking of every thing I needed to do., and got up 515a. I worked in the house cleaning and cooking until 3p when our company arrived. Judy brought homemade banana ice cream. It was heavenly. Bo said later he could believe I ate so much of it! Big bowl, refilled 3 times! Well, garden is calling me. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaauuuuuuuuuunnnntttttttttiiiieeeeeeeeeeee j

SOUL: said...

OMG !!! your spouse is SMILING !!!!!!
have i ever seen that him smile?? i don't think so.. maybe once in ummm.. 8 years? ish.
he looks kinda approachable with a smile. :))

everyone looks great--
again-- i don't see YOU !!!!????

Don said...

I'm devastated because I wasn't invited to share the beer and to ogle all of the pretty ladies.

Just one more episode in my life!

Soul would have treated me better because she LUVS me

simonsays said...

Looks like a wonderful party. You are such a trooper, to have them all in your place and feed them...and yes, I have to go with Soul----where are YOU in the photos? I know you're always behind the camera, but now and then ask one of them to take a few of you...

Are they all leaving today? I always hate when they go, but enjoy the quiet once again...

Happy Sunday. :)