Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Youth springs stupidity?

Happy Tuesday Peeps,

Today all my babies go home.
One , back to Florida, Two and Three back to Chicagoland and Hubby ,back to Virginia.

Yesterday was the ONLY day that hubby and I were alone at all, this entire visit. lol
The boys went to see their biological father. I'll show you guys later how hot he's looking these days. I still have nightmares about going back to him. lol

I told the kids "be back here at 1:00 to go out on the boat."

2:00 , still no kids. Hubby and I go get on the boat . Before we leave the cove ,the kids call (all seeming to have reverted to age 12)

"we're almost there, where are you guys?"

"We're sitting here idling by the dock. get down here."

"Um, One has to go to the bathroom. And did you bring lunch? Come let is in the house."
(apparently my ex must have no food and no bathroom...that or my kids just have no sense)

"NO WAY! Tell him to go in the cabana and get down here."

"We're hungry.and we don't have our swim shorts."

"I have them! we're not sitting here waiting all day!"

ACK!! I pull some of my hair out.

They decide to go eat. "ok, call me back in an hour and we'll come get you at the dock."

Hubby and I spend a blissfully quiet hour or so out in the cove,floating around on our rafts.

The kids finally call back. Now they are stuffed full of the Chinese buffet and no body wants to go out on the boat.Hubby and I decide to call it a day for boating (as we have to come let them in , anyway.)

The kids all nag "why didn't you call us and tell us it was almost 1:00?"

Pull some more hair out.LOL

"Because I thought you were all adults and capable of being where you were supposed to be."

The rest of the evening was spent lazing around. I took a short nap. They watched a movie while hubby and I made dinner. Then all the guys played scrabble while I watched a lame movie called "Mulletville"

Naturally ,I was in bed by 10. God only knows what they all did after that. Probably stayed up too late :)


I tried to condense these videos into ONE movie , cutting out the dull parts ......but NOOOOOO
why should anything go smoothly?

So, sorry , you'll have to endure the "paint drying " parts too.

Oh yeah ..almost forgot the Hot ex :)

He's still available ladies! :)

FYI, before we moved here (in the area where he just happened to live) my kids had not seen him since they were 8,6 and 4.

He never paid a dime in child support. Or contacted them in any way.

Yesterday , when they went out to see him my spouse said "I wonder why they even bother to go see him, i don't think I'd give him the time of day."

"Because the kids are nice human beings , thats why."

And for that, I am eternally grateful and proud.

Have a great day!

Luv me


Anonymous said...

First time alone and you spend it out on the BOAT ??!! What gives? poor Robert. It IS nice of the kids to go see him. It's not like they're brown nosing to inherit millions! Came in for a break...you KNOW you want to come help me! auntie j

Anonymous said...

Hmmm. None of the boys look like him. Maybe that's a good thing. Their antics that last day were hilarious. Ya gotta admit they liven up your life and remind you so effectively that you are their mom - and will be - forever. Didnt know you had Balderdash. Love that game. We must play it sometime. G5
PS Your sons are handsome young men and 3 should be in the movies.

SOUL: said...

well.. in roberts defense-- he was a nice guy back in the day-- just poor. and stupid, and immature. i haven't seen or talked to him since i was like 20 or 21. but some people just don't get a break.
and as for the boys-seeing him.. i guarantee you-- it's not out of pity for robert-- i'm sure if you asked them.. it happens to be because he is their dad. regardless of what mistakes he's made in the past.

anyhow-- no i'm not trying to read their minds.. i kinda just have been their -- in a way. you only get one dad-- and the way you or they feel-- has nothing to do with financial, or social status-- or appearance.
just so ya know.

sis-- you have reason to be proud of those boys-- lots of reasons... i'm proud of them too. you done good.

i'm glad you had the chance to have everyone home... now you get to recover for the next week. :))

ps-- you should dub music to that video-- it would be better.

Design PR said...

Hey Mom,
It was great seeing you folks! I love my awesome family. Now I have to go back to freakin' work... bleh!