Wednesday, July 2, 2008

All my babies are home!

Hi Peeps,

Yesterday was a record breaking day for the airlines. First , my spouses plane got to Chicago EARLY . So he was able to get on the same flight( to here) as two of the kids. Then , there I am ,still killing time at Tarjay when Two calls me "where are you?Our plane got here 40 minutes EARLY."


Oh yeah, I hadn't mentioned this because I wanted my family to be shocked when they saw me. The other day I spent 5 hours at the beauty shop having my hair colored dark and stripey.

I saw a look of surprise cross my husbands face. That was IT. Not one of them said a word ,good or bad about my stupid hair.

I went from this

to this.

You know my entire family is all male ,right?

Maybe the change was too minor for them to notice.

(rolling my eyes insanely here)


That clean house thing didn't last too long.

Any one have a xanax for me?


We went out on the boat for a little while. We had to wait for son One to get here around 9 P.M.

He arrived just in time for our Chinese food delivery.

"do I look like Jackie O in these glasses?"

Those were the only spares on the boat. lol

Five of the kids friends have decided to drive down here(from Chicago) for the weekend.
By Friday we will have 8 kids. :)

This is gonna be really fun! One of them is my soon to be daughter, Gidget. And some are kids I have known forever.

Funny , I call them kids. Ha ha they're all at least mid twenties. Surely that's a sign that I am OLD:)


Cavuto ...up at the crack of dawn inspecting everything.

The kitchen floor is after all , a good place for that suitcase. Don't you think?


I'll be back latah with the thrilling report of our day:)

Happy humpday y'all!

Luv me


Anonymous said...

I DO like your hair! Neat kids coming...... I wouldn't want 8 kids, but you're younger and will enjoy. Glad Gidget coming. She is the cutest/sweetest thing! you and son lucky, considering some nowdays! well, out to the garden/yard..... help! auntie j

Mary said...

I like your hair, too. I'm excited for you. You are having a really big and fun gathering. Don't give the house a second thought just enjoy the time.

Anonymous said...

Great do on your hair. Looks nice. If it had been purple all the males would have noticed right away. G5

SOUL: said...

i think the hair looks good. men really don't notice that stuff. you know that right-- sunday someone willl say-- did you do something to your hair... duh.
i have had a haircut for three weeks before hubby says, hey did you get a haircut. hmmmm.
umm, ya, six months ago-- nice of you to notice dear.

anyhow--- i don't know how i missed this post-- umm, yes i do-- i made it to two pages yesterday, and never got back online. that's how.

anyhow-- say hi to all the guys for me.

have a happy time with the fam-- and friends ---

the house will be fine.. you've lived with gran gran -- you'll survive a sty for a few days---
luv me

desert dirt diva said...

I love your hair.. aren't ya glad i didn't touch it.....there and you thought i was being mean....glad to see the boys are there.....and doning good...but it looks like the desperately need some sun block!