Sunday, July 27, 2008

Weeds,wine and well done steak....

Hi Y'all,

Well Friday was my big anniversary "date" with my friend Eva. First we took the boat out for a few hours and floated around like lazy slugs . It started to rain (as usual)
We needed to be back here at 4:30 anyway because of the flower fiasco.

Imagine my horror when THESE were delivered to my door.I called my spouse and said "they don't quite look like what you normally send."

Once I showed him the picture.....he was livid!

And had THIS to say to the flower company.

"The arrangement is nothing short of hideous.

I am disgusted with your service and the florist you are using.........I DEMAND
You can send your florist to pick up the flowers.

If you don't provide a refund I will go to the credit card company and
protest the charge!

Nothing would please me more than sending you a picture of the arrangement
that was sent. You could see for yourself how pathetic it is. "

After the flower woman called and chewed ME out on the phone ,they said they would "pick up the arrangement and bring a new one at 4:30."

So, we get back here and Eva is doing my nails. Floozie 2 comes over. I inform Eva that when the flowers come SHE must answer the door. (I'm too scared) lol
I am expecting more "chewing out".

So we decide that she'll answer the door in her bikini and pretend like she's the maid. Floozie 2 was supposed to hang behind her and film the hilarity.


Eva struts her 6 foot tall self over and opens the door. Floozie2 gets right up in the womans face with the camera. Making it quite obvious that she is being filmed.
The flower lady was too shocked to say diddly squat. :)

THIS is what they brought.

quite small , but MUCH better than the previous weeds.

Our plan had been to go to Olive Garden. Just because I was craving that Gorgonzola beef and all our restaurants in this town suck.

We go get ready. I even curled my hair. The humidity took care of that little idea in about 2 minutes it was limp noodles.

Eva's son Bubba got here around 7 , he would be joining us. He said "I just drove by Olive garden and there's a mile long line outside. So he calls there. "hour and a half wait for a table."

Crap! So he calls outback . "oh we can get you in around 8:00."Guess we're going to Outback.

On the way there Eva gets a bottle of wine. I have my little flask in my purse. (we're cheap ,OK)

Me"How are you going to open that?"

Eva ,proceeds to pull fancy corkscrew out of her purse.

Me" ha, you carry a wine opener around in your purse?"

Eva"It's called being prepared."

17 year old Bubba "yea, being prepared to be an alcoholic."

She opens the wine and manages to stuff the bottle into her purse. We arrive at Outback and are given our little disc. "Oh maybe half an hour longer for a table."

Lovely. We go outside and Eva makes Bubba take pictures of us. He is mortified. but does it.

We finally get a table. My steak is too well done .ACK!

But my baked sweet potato is great.It took us until 10:30 to finish dinner.

Oh, I love this town. heh.


Yesterday I did absolutely nothing! It's 105 degrees. Literally too hot to go outside.
Today, I must clean my sty and may force myself to go out on the boat.

Happy Sunday Peeps!

Oh, P.S. I'll pimp MY friend too. LOL Like Brad did.(over at Waconda road)

She's 40ish , divorced and has no back hair


Anonymous said...

You haven't liked a town you've lived in your entire like! I'm sure you won't like England. Start looking on the bright side... it's raining here. I canned tomatoes until dark thirty last night. Eve is a pretty lady. good pic of you, too. Night b4 last Cody brought in a baby bunny, alive. Bo put it in a cage out back. Hope it makes it. Cody and Rocky killed, the same night, a mama and baby opossium. Both are limping, can't find out why. Everything looks good. Rocky is very subdued, too. I told Bo not to let him fight them again. auntie j ps Are the wedding pics posted yet?

simonsays said...

LOLOL! No back hair on your very pretty friend is a good thing...

Hope your weekend has been a good one.


Mary said...

Two very pretty ladies. I know the two of you were the center of attention.

I have an unmarried 40 year old son who is a world class geek. I'd pimp him but he'd kill me even if I am his mother.

SOUL: said...

lol.. thanks for the laugh-- is it a white trash alert to laugh at someone elses misfortune???
i'm sure it is-- but you know we were raised that way. so don't blame me.

luv you

desert dirt diva said...

thats pretty good and I can not believe evea carries a friggin cork remover in her purse.. "prepared" thats funny

myomyohi said...

Happy anniversary.

You both look fab! Eva's hubby is an idiot.

PS - the siblings still haven't talked, and SOG arrives Friday. I know you're shocked.

Anonymous said...

Gackkkk. I have seen a handful of weeds that looked better than that flower arrangement. Ya did good. Straighten em out. Kick some azz.

desert dirt diva said...

have a good monday.. now update

Anonymous said...

I carry wine/beer opener. Living in a dry county, stay prepared. I carry one of everything -- antibotic cream, tweesers, needle and thread, bandaids, you name it! auntie j

desert dirt diva said...

southerners are funny.. o.k. i carry rocks and hot wheels and hm a bunch of other stuff....update this thing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!