Sunday, July 6, 2008

A great day in Paradise

Happy Sunday peeps,

Yesterday hubby and I got the meats cooking and then we took our 8 kids out on the boat. Naturally , after a couple hours we get the severe thunderstorm warning. Load it all back up, deflate rafts, pick up anchor, board all 8 kids and head back to the house.

Since we had people coming for the potluck in 3 hours ...I would not let the kids in the house.
Yes , I'm mean ...but trust me, if I had , the house would have been trashed again.
I stayed on the back porch and suffered along with them. They played scrabble and cranium and I lounged around in my lawn chair with a blanket and pillow(yearning for a nap) :)

At 5:30 the friends started arriving for the potluck. We had Floozie2, Lakefarmer, Nosey,G5,Dr.Man,his girlfriend J, and Eva, plus the 10 of us. We let the "old Folks " have the first turn at the food line , as the youngsters are know to swarm through food like locusts.

The food was DIVINE I must say. We had smoked pork butt, baked ham, macaroni and cheese,potato casserole,spinach crepes, taco salad, Noseys famous olive bread, strawberry shortcake creation and brownies.

We really know how to put out a spread down here in the south:)

We had a great time sitting around gabbing with everyone. The kids retreated to the back porch after they ate ,to finish their game of cranium. Then it was time to load the 10 of us (plus Eva) back onto the boat to go see the fireworks.
We get out to the lake, get all anchored up,wait and wait and wait. There are several other boats out there waiting as well. Pretty soon we see boats turning around and leaving.
Lovely ...apparently ,they canceled the damn fireworks due to the thunderstorm that never even materialized.

We wound up just taking a little night cruise and coming back home.

The extra kids went to their hotel and the rest of us stayed up and played scrabble.
One is like some kind of scrabble whiz and I think he wins every single game. I don't know why any of us bother to play against him.

This morning all the extra kids came over to say their goodbyes and head back to Chicagoland.
They have a fun filled 12 hour drive .Ugh.

Now ,I need to get off my laze and clean (once again) lol
and get ready for the day.

This video is so long ,it's just like being there only you don't have to clean up after anyone :))

Have a wonderful day!

Luv me


Anonymous said...

Get me nosey;s bread recipe. bet 3 hated his love leaving! wonder he didn't ride back with her! auntie j

Mary said...

You certainly have a handsome family. The day at your house was fun. I know it is good to have Hubby home for a bit. He looks happy to be there.

Thanks for sharing your day. I loved it.

SOUL: said...

looks like fun... sucks about the fireworks tho--
luv me

desert dirt diva said...

scott is smiling more...hmm just happy or lots of bevy's and glad to see you didn't crop to many pic.s looks like ya al had a great time....still can't believe how big the boys are.. and 3 and gidget look so have a good looking crew:)))))
love me

Anonymous said...

Smocha - Was a great potluck and tell hubs that the meats were outta this world fantastico. It must be the Green Egg! Sure were good. Saw a little minute (mynoot) paragraph in the paper this morning that the fireworks were postponed until tonight (Sunday) due to inclement weather. Sorry you missed it but they did do the show tonight. You have 3 handsome sons and the lovebirds are really in love. G5

Brad said...

Great video - Looks like you all had a blast - thank for letting me share the day.