Saturday, July 19, 2008

Pacifier or prozac?

Happy Saturday Y'all,

I've been in my usual "everyone just left" depression crash. It seems like I've been very busy yet my house is still a sty from when the kids were here. I haven't seen the boat since everyone left. Ugh! The only thing I have accomplished without fail is my damn nap every day.

The other day I spent half the day at the dentists office. I'm trying to take care of all things medical and dental before England.For hours they could not verify our insurance, the little x-ray cardboards were giving me the dry heaves ,then I find out that I need 4 crowns and our lousy insurance will not cover them. So, another 3 grand on teeth or I can just let my face collapse.

I really hate to blog when I'm like this. So....let me see....what's good?

Poodles was supposed to have gotten married yesterday,I'm still waiting for word on that.
Floozie1's husband was moved to the hospice unit for 5 days to give her a break.Her and I were able to go have breakfast yesterday.Eva has 4 properties under contract ...which is a miracle right now.Proof that God is taking care of her. Naturally her ex is not paying the things he's supposed to be paying. (Big shock there....not!)
Nosey and G5 left yesterday for a cruise to the Cayman Islands. (I am soooo jealous I could spit!)
Floozie2 and lakefarmer left for a wedding in Illinois.Yours truly was left with the pool keys.
If any renters get rowdy at midnight "I" get to go throw them out and lock up the pool. Something I would be very reluctant to do.Shy, you know :)

My husband will be coming home in a few weeks ,taking a detour to Ohio first to see his siblings,then he'll be off to England.I am trying to be upbeat and "normal" about the whole thing ...but sometimes I feel like just bawling like a big spoiled baby.
Honestly.....I don't want to be left behind for 6 months. But...things don't go the way we want them to, just because we are big spoiled babies. Do they?

Monkey is screaming her head off and she's driving me crazy!!!!
There she is ..this little crumb of a cat with the biggest bossiest mouth you've ever heard.And giant Cavuto has a little sweet voice. Go figure.

Poodles just called me. They did get married. She won't be home to download her pictures until Sunday night. Ugh . I hate waiting .lol

I'll be back later to hopefully, report that I accomplished TONS of stuff.

Have a great day peeps!

Luv me


Anonymous said...

I still don't understand why you don't go to England as soon as cats are able! Talk to your kids on the phone at Christmas! After I pick the garden, I'll be canning tomatoes today. No rest for the weak and weary! auntie j

Mary said...

Being left behind is truly the pits!!!! It gets lonesome when you're alone and the spouce is away. Been there - done that. Didn't like it a damn bit!! Pack up and go as soon as you can.

Hope your day ends with lots of accomplishments - but if that doesn't happen just have a drink and forget about it.

SOUL: said...

you won't even be able to visit-- or him you? thats what i meant anyhow..?? for the whole six months... when are you sposed to join him?? wth is the hold up? and why do i have SO damn little info on this entire situation??? seriously. i know nuthing, except what you have put here about it-- and this is actually the most detail we've got out of you this entire time. wth? spit it out.
why so secretive about everything???

anyways-- to move on down the roaD--
look on the bright side---
you COULD be me... or maybe not AS bad-- you could be here-- and having my day---
not fun-- but i AM accomplishing things--
bad part?
my smoke break is being spent with my husband SNORING in my ear... on the soul cahirs-- but still... not a very relaxing break. not to mention the fact that if i don't get UP i WILL pee my pants-- and that won't be good....
so i bettah get goin...

i posted ya know-- go speak to me dahlink.

hope your day gets better-- sounds like you DO need some boat time--
that to you, is surely like fishin to me-- so screw the chores--and get out there!!!
luv you

myomyohi said...

I hate to be like everyone else, but I seriously don't understand if you want to go you don't just go. I know you're waiting on the cats, but that's not 6 months away, according to what you said before. And I agree with Soul, WTH, with all the damn secretive shit? (I mean that lovingly of course) You need a boyfriend if you're never gonna see your husband :) At least you'd have someone to hang out with.

simonsays said...

Being left behind sucks. I'm sorry---surely there is another way?

I am happy to hear that Poodles got married, that makes me smile.

Maybe you need a good day out on the you ever go out by yourself? Then again, maybe not the smartest idea, it sounds like most of your friends are gone right now...oh well, you know me, everyone's mother and therefore labeled "the worrier".

I hope things perk up for you this morning.

Hugs, honey.


Smocha said...

Jamie, Lol I am also one of those "worrier mothers"

But , yes, i do take the boat out by myself all the time. It was scary at first but I've become quite used to it now:)

Today Eva and her daughter may be joining me.

Sounds better than laundry!

Hope you're having a good weekend