Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Awww.dude not cereal again...

"See anything good in there?"

"na' man, just cereal."

"Oh! dude! remember last time I ate cereal ,I barfed all over the whole house?"

"Word.That was so funny watching mom clean that up"

Happy Tuesday Y'all,

I sooooo have nothing to blog about.Well, I guess that's not really true.
Lets see, whats new?

My family has been gone for a week and I stillllll do not have my house or my laundry caught up. ack!

Why? you ask. Because I have been busy doing various secretarial/errand boy duties for my spouse.he finally got his work visa and should be headed for England soon. :(

I have been trying to find a house over there willing to accept 3 cats. One that isn't
A.old and hideous
B. beyond a cracker box
C. outrageously expensive

So far, no luck.My husband will be a bag man.he he ...a bag man in a suit.

We can't decide if we should take the little car or not either. Any of you ever shipped a car overseas?

When the kids were here they made me buy a coffee grinder and make whole bean coffee. When they made it ,it was delicious! Every time I make it myself, it tastes like crappy dish water. WTH?

As most of you know ,my friend Poodles is getting married to her (3 )baby daddy Friday.lol
Wish I could go . I stayed up 'til One A.M. last night looking for the perfect shoes. No easy task. They are either too tall (when one is 6 feet tall, they don't need 4 inch heels) or they're too ugly.
Who makes these ugly shoes and thinks any one other than my grandma would wear them??
Naturally ,Cavuto woke me up at the crack of dawn. So yeah, I had my 4 hours of sleep. Woo hoo!

I MUST get this house clean today. Last night I even dreamed about dirty houses with roaches.

"once she feels comfortable and safe , I'll go for her juggler."

Yesterday, I saw this enormous dog laying on the back of his tiny car.

(click on it to see it full sized)

You guys still awake? :)

Ok, I'm shuttin up with the boring. Have a wonderful day in your worlds!

Luv me


Design PR said...

I think we used the 1/4 cup scoop for the coffee beans. use 1.25 scoops and grind for 12 seconds.

Good luck!

desert dirt diva said...

thank you..for looking for the shoes.....

Design PR said...

ps: "Word.That was so funny watching mom clean that up"


Anonymous said...

Cat vomits on my floor, I will tie a stick to the cat's neck and use the cat for a mop. G5 (jes kidden)
PS I like the photo in the right margin- just like the one on the door of the cremated pickup truck back when you were sellin surreal estates. With that nice pic on the truck I worried that the pervs and creeps would follow you home, but luckily they didn't.

simonsays said...

I love this post...

the dog in the car cracked me up, along with the conversation between your kitty kids..

When do you move?

That would be difficult, hell---I moved two hours away and thought I would die....

Have a happy Weds---get your laundry done!

And thanks for the kind words...


SOUL: said...

i forgot everything already-- dammit-- i need ECT i really think so.


OH-- stez, might know about the car shipping crap-- email him and ask.

Anonymous said...

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