Saturday, March 22, 2008

Pictures today....words tommorow...

Happy Saturday Y'all,

Yesterday it was 73 degrees. The damn wind was blowing like crazy though.

That wasn't going to stop us though, Hubby was bound and determined to take the boat out.

i packed up my boat bag with windex, 409, paper towels , duster, whisk broom , cigs, sunglasses, and "happy hour"

We spent the first 3 hours out in the cove , cleaning the inside of the boat. It's been sitting there since November .
So dusty, dirty, pollen and spider poo coated, is what she was.

Like I said ,the damn wind was just awful. So we probably had to start and move the boat about a hundred times during that 3 hours.

Drive and stop out in the middle. About 10 minutes later you've been blown nearly into the shore line. (AGAIN!)

Then we went for a ride and had "happy hour."

The sun was actually so hot ,eventually we put the "roof" up. Today I have a nice big ,red ,sunburned nose.

This is the earliest(in the year) I have ever been out there. Usually the trees are lush and full and green.
It was weird to be able to see through all the pine trees , into the empty dead forest. I kept looking for deer, but didn't see any.

Almost time to move again.

Anally organizing every nook and cubby hole.

back out in the middle.

We tried to shield ourselves from the wind with this little island. It worked for a few minutes. :)

He got a lot more sunburned than I did.

Well , this stupid thing won't let me type where I want to. ack!!

Have a great Saturday !!! And a Happy Easter!


Mary said...

No words, beautiful pictures. Hope your Easter is the best.

myomyohi said...

Did you get the boat out? I was cold enough to see your breath here today...

desert dirt diva said...

oh my god the forbidden cigarrette..........I thought you guys are like having major flooding????can't wait to get there .......its been really nice here too...

SOUL: said...

funny-- i was gonna say somethin about the cig too !!
guess i'll skip it now.
we were almost 80 degrees here yesterday!!!!
too windy to fish tho-- dammit.
what the hell is it with the wind???/

Anonymous said...

Me and wind don't get along on boats! or really me and boats don't get along! Leaving to tour w/garden club a friend who has 23 acreas of daffodils! More my thing..... she's done it all by herself, planting thousands more every year! She also has 3 beautiful koi ponds w/waterfall. I'll send pic. aunti j

Golden To Silver Val said...

Hey girl...Soul said you may remember a recipe for Coke basted ham. I'd like to make that tomorrow...I do have one I found you remember yours? I may like it better...Soul says its yummy.
while you were out boating, we were watching a blizzard dump about 5 inches of snow on us once again. They got a lot more a couple counties south of us. When will it ever end?????