Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Old unearthed pictures....

The boys and I ...maybe back in 1988 or 89.

Soul and me , chillin'

Actually ,I think we were at my dads apartment while our (seperated ) parents went on a date.

Unfortunately , I had to sleep this close to her for 17 years.

Oh, what a nerdy little boy ,all dressed like Jacki-0.....

Oh , wait ....That's a girl (me) with the hideous BOY haircut I had for the first 10 years of my life!

Oh...how quaint....I still have the same figure I had at 8 years old.

Why fight genetics. There's the damn proof ...right there.

Ha ha !!

The Soul's ...fishin' it old school.

Not sure what year this was...but it was quite some time ago.

No wonder I got beat up at school.

Everyone thought I was a boy!!!

(5 or 6 years old , in Puerto Rico)

Puffin' away on my civerlick ...back in the day.

Note those snazzy "high waisted" pants. lol
And that poofy curled hair.

And Check my trailer yo'

Oh! the brown hair kills me!!!!

(Must be skinny to have brown hair)

Oh...and check out the HUGE goiter....that NO doctor seems to see:)

My brother and me , snorkeling in Puerto Rico .

This is why the "tropics " will never leave me.

I want to go home:)))

Me and Soul .......Five and One....

right after the tragic breakup .

Oh my Lord! I can't believe I wore stripes!!!!

One ,Two and Three.

7,5 and 3 years old.


Oh they grow up sooo fast.

Awwww....I found Monkeys baby picture.


Anonymous said...

I think they are all beautiful, precious pictures! or does only an aunt think so? I doubt it!!!! auntie j

Design PR said...
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Design PR said...

I took that fish photo. If my memory serves me, it was June 9th, 1995.

Smocha said...


Who'd a thought to look on the back of the picture !!

(actually...the copy SOUL has ...must have a date...the back of mine is blank) :))

Love yo mama

desert dirt diva said...

that was really cool, you look like a mix of kid 2 and 3.

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed all the pics. Didn't your mom allow hair? You were a little girl. Girls should have hair. The boys pics are really good - it is amazing how they retain their features as they grow. Puerto Rico as a child? A trailer? You oughta write a book. G5

Smocha said...

Auntie J , I'm glad SOMEONE still thinks so. Us being orphans and all. :(


Weis, I think you were just messing with my feeble mind, weren't you?

It's not nice to fool Mother Nature...lol

Poodles, Yep, I do look like 'em , only cuz I look so "boyish" lol

Now that they're grown ...I look the most like Three.

(Don't hate us cuz we're beautiful) :)

ok...cuz we WISH we were beautiful.

(me)I mean.

my kids ARE beautiful. :)

G5 - my mother believed in beautifully coiffed beauty shop hair, wrapped in toilet paper, so it didn't get messed up.....but that was for HER.

For US , she believed in hair that SHE didn't have to comb or mess with and hair that a child of five,could wash vomit and poop out of, on her own.

Oh ...I HAVE a book alright, I just need a ghost writer. lol

At this age,(so far) I haven't learned how to
A. relax
and B. write

Any takers????

I'll split the profits reallll good.

SOUL: said...

i LOVED this little jaunt down memory lane!!!!

i can't rem all i wanted to comment on i dont think tho

at least not in order that's for SURE

us in the chair-- mixed emotions.. but got a smile too--- dontcha just LOVE the clothes we wore????

the fish pic.. weses date sounds about right on... NOTE maternity pants and FAT face??? prego with jacob!!! june 95 is very close if not exact. could be july tho-- august 9 was the fateful day. (and really, i didn't gain much weight.. not much more than what you see there)

ANYHOW-- moooovin on......

i was only one??? my entire life i have been deceived !! i was told, and told the world that i was THREEE!!! my life is a LIE ! cute pic though-- i don't have that one--

how'd you only go ten years with bad hair??? i STILL have bad hair :))

i thought IAN !!! at the one pic of you--- spittin image of him.. it could BE him.
but yep-- there are others that you look like either of the others too.

hmmmm... k... i forgot the rest , but i did pretty good for a senile ole bag in the mornin eh?

anyhow--- latah bebe`
happy humpday-

myomyohi said...

Loved all the pics and the trip down memory lane.

myomyohi said...

Loved all the pics and the trip down memory lane.

SOUL: said...

go see the new baby !!!
she's adorable

Smocha said...


I thought weis was just kidding about taking that fish pic. And the date.

I accused him of messing with my feeble mind.

His reply
"The date is on the photo, silly! "

Click to enlarge...the date is right on the fishing pole handle. lol

Goo law' ,I'm senile AND blind!!

also ,when you enlarge it , you can see that you're not wearing "pinstriped " maternity pants. lol
that's the fish string.


Thanks, I'm sure there will be plenty more where that came from. :)

I still have many boxes and trunks to sift through.

SOUL: said...

i didn't say pinstriped.. only said maternity-- :))
anyhow--yep he had the date right--but i didnt see it on the photo either

join the senile blind club :))

SOUL: said...

haha-- so it is-- i didnt see that .. hmmm