Tuesday, March 4, 2008

We got a blizzrd yo

Look what I woke up to.

Cavuto does not know what to think of this......

The last one is at Aunty J's


SOUL: said...

our snow didn't stick.. some ice did.. but holy crap... what is this shit about--and where did it come from??

someone is out to get ME fo sho! i'm in a three week straight pit of hell!!


Mary said...

Good Lord, is that San Diego? What's this world coming to!! It is a beautiful picture but I bet there are some confused people in your neck-o-th-woods.

myomyohi said...

What I hate is that it gets a little bit warmer for a day, teases the heck out of you, then the temps plummet again. And don't you know it seems even colder, because of that brief flirtation with warmth. We're getting freezing rain here. Ice on everything.

Here's my response to your meme.

SOUL: said...

hey you rude thang-- if you aren't gonna update-- you could at least talk to peeps ya know. :))
slap somethin new up heah.. i barely leave the house and still find crap to write about,.

luv ya .. :))