Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Trust the Gortons fisherman.....

Happy Tuesday peeps,

(there's the song of the day) lol

Trust the gortons fisherman....hit it!

Cavuto woke me up by knocking the top off the bedroom blinds. At 6:30.
He was trying to jump his enormous self up into the window , above the blinds. ack!

I have spent hours on the internet the last few days ,looking for melamine dishes. I use them on them boat.

All the ones I found were UGLY! Or way too expensive.Yesterday ,I finally found some at Tuesday Morning.They had some really nice ones .

That was also the ONLY thing I accomplished all day.

Today will be a different story. My yard sale is this Saterday.

And my house is a sty.

My husbands 'trail" of messiness.

I have to move all this crap to the garage. I was hoping HE would do it. But he ran out of time. :(

He did ,however bring my summer clothes down from the attic.

So there's my thrilling plan of the day.

Hope yours is funner than that.

Have a good one!


SOUL: said...

wanna trade stackages of dishes???

i offered soulkid and her friend 20 bucks to split-- just to wash my dishes-- and the refused-- can you believe that?
i reckon i will keep the twenty and do it myself. :((
i can't believe kids these days. i used a push mower for TWO bucks a lawn when i was a kid.. in 100 degree Bakersfield! they just don't know how good they have it. UGH

anyhow-- you really need to come help me with my damn yard sale! i can't even think about all sorting and crap i face. but the money i will make sounds good. i bet we'll clear 800 or more on this one--- IF i ever get UP.

anyhow-- the morning music hell is killing me and i can't think anymore-- so good-day :))

Mary said...

Your house doesn't look like a sty to me. My house is in need of a clean-out. I could stock a garage sale that would cover a city block. . . not that it's likely I'll have one.

SOUL: said...

i updated me blog hawg

desert dirt diva said...

well i thought about having a yard sale, but that about as far as i got then we got a dumpster, tho we did not have near the cool stuff you all have......:)