Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter

Happy Easter Everyone!!!

We have no special plans here for today.

Last night , we mutually agreed to freeze the ham for when he kids are here.

There just doesn't seem to be any point in cooking a whole ham for just the two of us . And he's going back to Mayberry tomorrow.

So we'll be having a t-bone for me and salmon for him. Very Eastery, No?

I really miss the Easters back when the kids were little.

In California ,the Easter bunny used to bring a kiddy pool .
My kids were such candy gluttons ,they'd be up at 5 A.M. waking me up.

In Colorado ,they once hunted easter eggs in a foot of snow.

In Washington ,we had an acre of land and we had easter egg hunts at home , after church.The kids ,jokingly skipping around with baskets. :)

Good times.

Aren't these beautiful?
I would never have the patience to do something so elaborate.

I love these vintage cards. So sweet.

The Easter bunny is NOT coming to someone's house. :)

For those of you having THIS kind of Easter....I'm sorry for you :)

Have a wonderful easter , wherever you are Peeps!

Luv me


Anonymous said...

yes, there is nothing like having young kids at Easter; almost as good as Christmas! I, miss, miss it. Chris and his mama always take the kids to their aunts and we never see them. So, I never buy them anything -- a shame. On a lighter note, Mlou spent the night with Carol Friday night so she'd be here Sat morning. As SOON as she laid her head on the pillow she went to sleep and started snoring. LOUD. 5 yr old Ally Kate said 'Can't we put a pillow over her face?" "NO" "Well, can we put her in a trash bag and put her out on the front porch?" "NO, it's getting late! Go to sleep!" "How can I go to sleep with all that racket?!" I miss the joy of kids! auntie j

SOUL: said...

i just took a sneak of the brisket that cooked overnight on the egg-- OMG!!! i'm in heaven!!
the chicken is on now---
wooooo dawggies !!
y'all should be HERE!

i'm already ready for my NAP- and i have a damn headache.

are you cookin or goin out??
i like those pix-- i saw that lab one but thought it to be mean-- then i remembered my road kill bunny last year--
i do believe we are kinda warped-- ya think??

desert dirt diva said...

love your pics, how do u get them like that... u must show me... we are going to karens then dave will be leaving soon.. after dinner hm or maybe before we will have to see....i know she bought these giant cupcakes yea.. now only if i like cake.. it promises to be a good day.. have a very blessed day.. damn i should be blogging this.. well i think i will so here goes my after i make bisquits and gravy.. yummm

SOUL: said...

i forgot to make my bread-- ididnt go to the store for salad or pie-- and i didn't make my deviled eggs--therefore-- soulman cooked everything.
can we say

why of course we can-- speak to us--
you didnt even say hi on my page you beeoth

myomyohi said...

We had about 20 of my family for lunch today. Started off bad with me bawling and fighting with my husband as everyone started arriving, Kaylee was bawling, it was happy flipping Easter, but he and I stayed in seperate areas of the house and the rest of the time went ok. At least it isn't snowing today. The kids had an egg hunt outside in the mud, but they didn't mind.
I hope your day went smooth, even if it was less than eventful.

SOUL: said...

go note MY goiter !!!!
it must be hereditary!

Smocha said...

Hi all,

Auntie J,
I agree , Easter was right up there with Christmas. AND I miss ,miss the little kids too. They wouldn't even have to be mine. lol

I have still NEVER had brisket.
And your evil road kill bunny IS what made me "go ahead and post that lab"

I also took a nap toady . But not LONG enough. My spouse came and woke me up, just as rude as you please. "Do you know where my sunglasses are?"
UM "yeah, wherever you put them"

I'm UP now.

we cooked at home. BUT LAZY. t-bone and salmon on the egg. broccoli in the microwave and strawberry shortcake ..the last of which ,we have yet to eat.

Saw yer blog , hope your day was great! Enjoy yer sweet babies. (and seeing yer mommy)
You know how to make biscuits ???

Plan on making some when you're here! I'll make the gravy. shhhh. don't tell my husband

sorry to hear that your day was so "typical" lol
I hate fighting.
All the more reason to come to girl week.
Hope you are coming !

Luv me

Anonymous said...

You STILL haven't answered my email on what is girl week? No way I could go away for a week but what is it? auntie j

Anonymous said...

The NCAA Mens basketball tournament is on. The NCAA womens basketball tournament is on. I cannot believe none of you all watched basketball! What is the world coming to? I watched so much I have square eyeballs. Good stuff. Then I cooked a roast pork loin for Easter dinner. G5

Mary said...

Neat pics. I love the dog with the rabbit ears in his mouth. About 5 PM yesterday I would have loved to see that dog. The two grandsons went crazy wild. In case you don't remember, a five year old and a four year old can move FAST and yell LOUD. I loved every minute of it but was ready for a rest.

myomyohi said...

Mary - I feel your pain. We had a 4 year old, 5 year old, 11 year old, and 12 year old, all male, playing knights and pirates, sword fighting, running, jumping, running in and out, tracking mud everywhere, and the noise,.... I enjoyed everyone coming, but savored the quiet when they left.

simonsays said...

Great post Smocha!

I used to love Easter when my kids were little, too. My kids were like yours, awake at four or five in the morning, and then on a sugar high for the rest of the day.

Hope your steak was good, I think I would have had the salmon with your H.


SOUL: said...

update you laze!!!

Smocha said...

Hi ya'll!

G5 - I think we will ALL let you watch the basketball for us.
I thank God Often ,that my husband is not a sports nut. lol
He's a "news nut" which is probably just as boring.
Tell me , do men not REALIZE how boring they are?

Mary and myoh
I f I saw that dog with the rabbit ears in real life, I'd probably be bawling my eyes out. :0

And ,YES, I hear ya on the kids. My 3 sons were all 2 years apart.

It was never ending. I hope for grand daughters. lol

They even FALL more gracefully. They don't split each others heads open. etc... :)

Isn't it funny , as chaotic as it is....we sure miss it when it's over.
My steak was actually ...tooo chewy
for some unknown reason.

I'm ready for some Mexican food!

Update ? ummm here it is , I hung around all day . napped from 11 to 1 . Then went to look for summer plates, got cigs , came home. Here I am . WOO HOOO!!! lol

Hope you guys had a more exciting day than I did.

SOUL: said...

not really.
hmmm today will be busy today

where is the fun??